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    • Takeaways for marketers from a conversation with Coke’s chief technologist

      OlegDoroshin / My team and I recently had the opportunity to meet with one of today’s foremost technology leaders, Alan Boehme, at the Collision conference. Boehme serves as Chief Technology Officer, Chief Innovation Officer and Chief architect for The Coca-Cola Company. In our conversation, he spoke about how the 125-year-old company is driving innovation.

      Rob Rasko/ Marketing Land- 24 readers -
    • Is your creative agency killing your campaign?

      Let’s talk about your creative agency — the team of marketing gurus who take all the messy, disjointed advantages about your company that you provide them with and turn it all into a polished campaign. They did a SWOT analysis, the pitch is polished, and you spent exorbitant amounts of your marketing budget to get their campaign in front of your market.

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  • What a 32-step journey to a Bruno Mars album can teach marketers and tech companies

    … of a keyboard and mouse are all based on your own experience. Basically, the user interface, the marketing funnel, the content you create is geared toward the way you’ve learned to use a computer. So when I decided to be a hero and try to help my mom where others had failed, I got a glimpse of someone else’s user journey. And it was a whirlwind…

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  • What does it mean to ‘be bold for change?’

    …, what does that mean, exactly? And how does it apply to a young woman in digital marketing? The International Women’s Day site was a good starting point, but I needed more. Ernst & Young offered some great suggestions for actions we can all take in the effort to reach gender parity. However, the most useful resource I found wasn’t online…

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  • CMOs, invigorate your brand and your career

    … marketing. Marketers are ill-equipped to handle the demand for big content, according to a Gartner report published in May 2015. While we have evolved over the two years, this still seems to be a major issue. Start thinking about your content and how it could be viewed in video form. Consider hiring video pros as part of your marketing team…

    Brent Hieggelke/ Marketing Land- 19 readers -
  • The keys to activating content across multiple channels

    … from it over time. Another benefit is that, by planning and executing integrated content marketing strategies over time, you can enhance your brand’s authority in search by developing a network of content that boosts your brand’s blended ranking. Apply user segmentation to how you think of distributing content Different users represent different…

    Jim Yu/ Marketing Landin Content- 11 readers -
  • Use these 5 tips for more engaging client presentations

    … if the material being presented doesn’t speak to their concerns. Let’s take an example of a client who tells you that the main goal is to expand into other channels. You can touch on performance and past initiatives, but the tone of the presentation should focus on growth. You may speak to: new channels to test. how performance of the new channels…

    Matt Umbro/ Marketing Land- 20 readers -
  • 6 roles you need on your marketing team + 2 you probably haven’t considered

    … In 2017, digital marketing is no longer an afterthought. Digital is a critical part of almost every company’s marketing strategy regardless of industry. The question businesses are now struggling with is: Which roles (or what people) do I need on my team to be successful? In this piece, we are going to outline the roles needed within a digital…

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  • My advice to Google and Facebook on brand safety

    … of the thousands of other digital media companies, it’s incumbent upon you to ensure the sanctity of your product and relationship with your customers. The need for transparency In my last article, A digital marketing CEO’s prescription to cure advertising fraud, I laid out a recipe for the marketing industry to combat ad fraud. With the rise…

    James Green/ Marketing Landin Social Display Google- 17 readers -
  • People: The Achilles’ heel of online marketers

    … a look at HubSpot’s “State of Inbound” report: 65 percent of online marketers say that “generating traffic and leads” is one of their top marketing challenges; 43 percent say “proving the ROI of our marketing activities”; 28 percent have trouble “securing enough budget.” Clearly, online marketing is very numbers-oriented. Now, I’m a numbers guy…

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  • 5 pragmatic — and powerful — places to improve CX right now

    … Philosophy abounds with variations on the notion that pretty good is actually pretty great. Aristotle found virtue in the middle ground between aesthetic and ethical extremes. Ralph Waldo Emerson advised “moderation in all things.” And we know how Goldilocks felt about finding something that was just right. But, still, it’s human nature…

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