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    • What’s next (and now) for mobile attribution

      There is a prevailing misconception among mobile marketers that measuring the ROI of their activities is highly challenging. A Forrester survey revealed that 67 percent of mobile marketers either cannot or do not measure their ROI. However, the reality is exactly the opposite: Mobile is the most measurable advertising ecosystem ever created.

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  • New evidence highlights the conversion lift of mobile optimization

    … No one doubts that the future of marketing is mobile. We reached a significant tipping point late last year, when mobile internet usage exceeded desktop for the first time, and usage worldwide continues to soar. Today we’re spending about 70 percent of our media time and 79 percent of our social media time on mobile. At the same time, though…

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  • How the iPhone spawned the evolution of mobile engagement

    … the year that we at Localytics (my employer) began tracking app engagement, finding that an astounding 26 percent of users abandoned an app after one use, shining a light on the challenges of marketing on mobile. The iPhone 5 in 2012, which broke sales records, was the year that the number of apps in the App Store really took off — a wake-up call…

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  • Your AMP inventory is worth more than you think

    … Marketing Land. Staff authors are listed here. About The Author Barb Palser is head of product for Relay Media, Inc., a San Francisco-based AMP conversion and mobile distribution platform. Her 20-year career in digital content spans traditional media companies, digital publishing technology, product strategy and audience development. Full bio on LinkedIn. …

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  • 10 common mistakes companies make with mobile

    …, faster processing power, greater screen resolutions and increased availability of great content, the bar for what works for mobile continues to be set higher and higher. With that said, there are some basic tenets of mobile that marketers should follow. Many of the 10 mistakes below have been covered to some degree in past Marketing Land articles…

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  • How to rule the App Store in 2017: 5 trends to use to your advantage

    … levels. So, which new trends and ASO features do you absolutely have to know in 2017? 1. Review replies (with iOS 10.3) With the release of iOS 10.3, Apple will finally allow app publishers and developers to respond to user reviews in the App Store. This long-awaited update will lead to higher rankings for publishers who pay attention…

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  • 3 ways your business can leverage third-party location data

    … fan bases, using imagery that matched their team logo. Knowing how well a team’s fans travel can go a long way in informing mobile targeting of merchandise, tickets and travel packages that should be featured. It also provides insights to teams and the NFL to allow them to give better information to sponsors, which always helps when it comes time…

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  • How marketers should be thinking about voice search

    … to clearly identify a voice query from a typed one, although some voice queries are easy to identify when looking at mobile-specific queries. Overall, it’s clear that a class on “How to Speak to Voice Assistants” would go a long way. Although I’m sure all the voice assistants would love to be your friend, they are simply not there, and there’s…

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  • Why mobile marketers need to start measuring ROI right now

    … Photo by LendingMemo and used here via the Creative Commons license. When apps exploded into our lives almost a decade ago, and mobile marketing was in its infancy, the install was the KPI and marketers were measured by the scale of new users they delivered. However, now over 4 million apps are available, and retention rates are suffering…

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  • How to keep your app users from dumping you

    … Rejection stinks — especially after what you thought was a good first date. Yet in the world of marketing and apps, getting dumped is all too common. There has been a fundamental shift in the way users think, as well as the way they engage, thanks to mobile. Back when apps were first launched, people were enthralled by the excitement of what…

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  • How mobile marketers can prepare for when tragedy strikes

    … at the right mobile moment. But what will separate you from the pack is the speed and flexibility to fire up an in-app marketing campaign within minutes in response to any event. How quickly can you unschedule a campaign in your app? The ability to schedule campaigns with short notice is one side of the coin (and probably the more important one…

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