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    • Data is the new currency, but are advertisers spending wisely?

      It’s nearly impossible to avoid news around Amazon’s foothold in retail, technology and media. Based on the company’s Q2 earnings call, Amazon also expressed significant growth potential in its advertising business, much of which can be attributed to its ownership — and usage — of consumer data for targeted advertising and personalization.

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    • Amazon advertising: Beyond Prime Day

      Name a big search engine. If you didn’t mention Amazon, you should. It’s a vast commerce search engine whose reach extends far beyond “hard good” products — especially as Amazon moves into digital content delivery and services. Many marketers — especially as the holiday shopping season approaches — are struggling to decide where Amazon fits into their marketing and distribution strategies.

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    • Retailers: Here are the building blocks for winning the digital shelf

      “How should we analyze our online sales presence?” Every company that sells online goes through several stages of thought to answer this question. On the data side, perhaps they initially stick to familiar in-store metrics, before eventually moving to new web-centric, customized data points. In terms of staffing the management and analysis of online channels, they may first ...

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  • When it comes to building brand infatuation, easy does it

    … hotel brand or metasearch site. It’s why Uber is now a verb. Simple, convenient, friction-free experiences that make a customer’s life easier foster brand infatuation. To find out what this actually means, Signal (my employer) partnered with Digital Ascendant to survey US shoppers (registration required) about what their favorite retail and travel…

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  • Brands are facing a whole new world of retail realities

    … are far different for retailers today — so different, in fact, that brick-and-mortar retail is under a massive three-pronged attack: 1. People are staying home to watch entertainment Movie attendance is down. Last September, Business Insider cited sales as flat year-over-year and expected attendance to fall by 3.5 percent, not because people…

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  • 3 reasons why customer identity should top retailers’ 2017 holiday wish lists

    … and consider its value beyond just a place to buy goods. Digital customer interactions can inspire in-store experiences that are easy, helpful or simply entertaining. Knowing how shoppers browse on a brand site or in-app, retailers can organize their physical spaces as showrooms, allowing shoppers to compare offerings and discover complementary…

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  • The other side of brick-and-mortar retail: Survival of the fittest

    … The stories about major brick-and-mortar retailers closing physical locations in favor of online-only models are piling on, garnering attention with hyperbolic doom-and-gloom headlines. However, there is a different, more telling side to the story. Clearly, there are too many malls and too many stores, and the internet is impacting the retail…

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  • Top mistakes new online retailers make

    … Are you new to the wonderful world of e-commerce? Are you hoping to hit the ground running, turning your store into a great success overnight? Although you may have the best intentions, there’s no denying the fact that you’ll make mistakes from time to time. However, you should set the goal of avoiding the many errors that have plagued…

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  • Facebook Spaces & the risky virtualization of retail

    … formats and channels. He also works closely with the sales team to coordinate content across the company and establish the Bitly brand across the omnichannel, social, and mobile marketing space. Having worked both on the agency and brand side, he has built content programs from the ground up for Fortune 500 companies and start-ups alike and is passionate about bringing great content to life. …

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  • Personalization in a post-brick-and-mortar world

    … and how often. Recipients love to be in the driver’s seat, so allow them to make the decision on receiving messages, and they will be more likely to engage with the content. Additionally, try implementing birthday emails into your marketing strategy. Birthday emails that offer special deals are one the best ways to send personalized messages…

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