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    • How Pinterest is cracking the social commerce code

      When it comes to broad brand awareness, the value of social media advertising is clear. But why have channels struggled to keep users on their platforms for a direct purchase? Despite the massive reach, engaging content and success of social advertising, in-channel purchasing has been a bit of a hurdle for marketers and advertisers alike.

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    • The new era of brick and mortar: not business as usual

      Retail marketers have long focused on perfecting their omnichannel strategies; however, the rules of consumer engagement have changed. Many major anchor stores are either closing or redesigning their approaches, and the overall mall landscape is changing to meet the needs of a new audience. And while shoppers can be reached on a variety of platforms, they remain individuals ...

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    • Are fake online reviews killing consumer confidence?

      Ninety percent of shoppers say reviews impact their purchasing decisions. They are as good as gold — when they’re real. There’s just one catch. They’re well aware that retailers buy fake reviews, and they’re suspicious of them. And with good reason. Roughly 16 percent of restaurant reviews on Yelp are fake, according to a 2013 study. And up to 15 percent of all online reviews are fake.

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  • 10 tips for retailers’ Q4 social advertising

    … December. With 40 percent of consumers reporting they will start holiday shopping before Halloween, the time to plan is right now. With that in mind, here are 10 tips for executing a successful paid social strategy in Q4. Tip #1: Q4 is the best time for optimizing your conversion flow If you’re in retail or e-commerce, you will be driving more…

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  • ’Tis the season to be savvy with your digital marketing

    … — although some have certainly tried. No one can afford that for long. Situational targeting is more important than ever. The key to marketing success is to root out efficiencies, as well as inefficiencies, in each channel and budget accordingly. Grandma got run over by a retargeter This fall, the pressure on digital marketers is especially intense…

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  • How the ‘average user’ has ruined e-commerce experiences

    … As consumers, we understand that every website we visit, as well as every interaction experienced on that site, is delivered as the result of untold hours of behind-the-scenes work. No website is an accident; everything has been tested thoroughly to deliver optimal outcomes, especially in online retail. The problem is that so much…

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  • The stat-backed holiday advertising tips to know for 2016

    … generally increase for online retailers. And 2015 was no exception. Compared to costs during the rest of the year, average 2015 holiday CPMs (cost per thousand) increased 39 percent on mobile and 180 percent on desktop. But looking at the larger picture, the price increases didn’t mean advertisers were losing out on profitability. Thanks in part…

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  • 7 advanced tips for Google Shopping ads

    … to build all sorts of campaign hierarchies, but here are some common ones we’ve found really useful. The brand breakdown — for the typical online retailer that wants to separate their brand terms for better measurement. High priority — non-brand terms. This is basically a catch-all for most terms coming through. The only negatives you’re adding here…

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  • Looking beyond the holiday purchase: understanding customer lifetime value

    …: In October 2015, Rakuten Marketing (my employer) worked with a top US retailer on a new customer acquisition campaign. Using our omnichannel attribution platform, we were able to help them identify new customers who made purchases both online and offline and to pinpoint the combination of channels that were instrumental in driving these new qualified…

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  • How to manage ad partners in regulated industries: Retail (Part 3 of 5)

    …-guess expanding their partner marketing efforts. The aim of this series is to get marketers up to speed on relevant regulations so that they may move forward with confidence. Let’s get you caught up: Part 1 introduced the advertising challenges specific to four highly regulated industries: finance, retail, education and pharmaceuticals. Part 2…

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  • The secret to intelligent growth: Know your customers

    … purchase rates. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land. Staff authors are listed here. About The Author Jordan Elkind heads the product team at Custora, an advanced customer analytics platform for e-commerce retailers. Prior to joining Custora, he earned an MBA from Wharton and worked in marketing analytics at Citi Cards. …

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  • How to master content marketing for your e-commerce company

    … will solve their problem. This is a helpful approach in content marketing as well. Instead of writing about your products, think about what problems you can help your audience solve. Insightly does an amazing job with this by creating guides that help their e-commerce audience solve their problems. Over time, they have worked out tools that work…

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  • Consumers have spoken: 2016 is the year of “webrooming”

    … It’s no secret that shopping in the last decade has been an evolving journey between in-store and online environments. And as consumers’ interest in online grows, retailers are becoming increasingly concerned about the effect that showrooming — the newly adopted shopping behavior where consumers research items in-store and then purchase…

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  • Why mix-and-match marketing is the way forward

    … online. (Oh wait, that’s how we all first found out about Netflix, in the form of ubiquitous display ads and pop-ups.) Abandon your cart, three-quarters of ye who enter here We’re seeing a similar phenomenon in the hand-wringing over widespread cart abandonment among online retailers. The figures are sobering indeed. An estimated 60 percent to 80…

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  • Christmas in July: 4 ways to maximize your holiday ad budget

    … When it comes to advertising during the all-important holiday season, there isn’t such a thing as “planning too early.” The competitive environment has only grown more intense over the past several years, and large, innovative advertisers are increasingly using the summer months as the time to meticulously structure their larger holiday season…

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  • Back to school 2016: A shopping season for the books

    … plays a big role in the lives of consumers and retailers. US retail e-commerce sales in July and August 2016 will increase 15 percent year over year, according to eMarketer, while retail e-commerce sales in core product categories will climb 16.7 percent in the same period. Realizing the opportunity for increased insight and understanding around…

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  • 3 retail strategies to beat Amazon this holiday season

    … It’s that time again. Time for retailers to rally their troops for the end-of-year holiday shopping season, getting strategies and technologies locked in for the critical period that will drive nearly 20 percent of annual retail industry sales. What should retailers plan in 2016? Forecasts so far offer some not-so-great news and some good news…

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