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    • 4 marketing innovations headed to brick-and-mortar retail in 2017

      Lowe’s Innovation Labs is introducing the second generation of the Lowe’s Holoroom, an in-store and take-home virtual reality design and visualization tool that enables customers to envision the room of their dreams. Customers can design their kitchen or bath and view it in VR using Oculus Rift in-stores, and take-home a free Google Cardboard viewer to enjoy their room design wh ...

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    • Pinterest & Snapchat: 12 tips to dial in your visual ads

      By this point, we’ve all traded enough Facebook advertising Q4 tips (raising hand) to write a few books on the subject. If you’re not using all the tools in Facebook’s ROI kit in the next few weeks through the busy holiday shopping season, you don’t have many excuses. But what about for the newer social platforms that don’t have as many best practices in circulation? For re ...

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    • 7 omnichannel marketing tips to attract holiday shoppers

      Businesses that sell products and services online need to fine-tune their digital marketing strategy to attract holiday shoppers during the busy — and competitive — holiday retail season. Holiday spending is expected to reach record levels since the Great Recession — increasing 10 percent since the 2015 holiday season, according to a report from PwC’s 2016 Holiday Outlook.

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  • Lessons learned from Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Retailers must be open to change

    … It’s almost hard to remember at this point, but it wasn’t long ago that Black Friday took place on a single, in-store day. Today, driven by online shopping’s steady growth and inherent flexibility, Black Friday can feel like an entire season; brands are launching sale days in advance and wrapping Cyber Monday into the same campaigns. However…

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  • Look to Thanksgiving dinner for holiday shopping trends

    … There’s nothing quite like the holidays: home-cooked feasts, colorful foliage, gift giving, and most importantly, visiting with friends and family you haven’t seen in a while. In thinking about the upcoming holiday season, I thought it would be interesting to create customer profiles for each family member and reflect on how affiliate marketers…

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  • Making sense of the latest trends in digital retail

    … One of the things I love about my job is that marketing is constantly evolving. Just when you think you have mastered the latest tools and strategies, a whole new generation of technologies emerges, creating opportunities for marketers to take their work in exciting directions. Last month, a group of my colleagues attended, one…

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  • Are fake online reviews killing consumer confidence?

    … to 15 percent of all online reviews are fake. Sites like Amazon take reviewing one step further, with user-generated content (UCG). Amazon openly encourages consumer reviews and profits from them. As a result, many e-commerce retailers turn to purchased reviews to help them gain visibility and make sales on their sites. E-commerce is the main…

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  • 10 tips for retailers’ Q4 social advertising

    … December. With 40 percent of consumers reporting they will start holiday shopping before Halloween, the time to plan is right now. With that in mind, here are 10 tips for executing a successful paid social strategy in Q4. Tip #1: Q4 is the best time for optimizing your conversion flow If you’re in retail or e-commerce, you will be driving more…

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  • How Pinterest is cracking the social commerce code

    …. However, with over 100 million monthly active users globally, Pinterest is one channel that is poised to overcome the purchase hurdle. (Disclosure: Brand Networks, my employer, is a Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner.) At its core, Pinterest is an innovative visual discovery engine, a chance to identify and save new ideas that represent a user’s…

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  • The new era of brick and mortar: not business as usual

    … Retail marketers have long focused on perfecting their omnichannel strategies; however, the rules of consumer engagement have changed. Many major anchor stores are either closing or redesigning their approaches, and the overall mall landscape is changing to meet the needs of a new audience. And while shoppers can be reached on a variety…

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  • ’Tis the season to be savvy with your digital marketing

    … Everyone dreads that ol’ holiday creep. And I don’t mean the unctuous uncle you see only at Thanksgiving. I’m talking about the relentless drive to push the start of the holiday shopping season earlier each year. (Remember when Christmas in July promotions were supposed to be ironic?) That creates a cycle in which every marketer feels the need…

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  • How the ‘average user’ has ruined e-commerce experiences

    … marketers understood this 95–5 rule as the new normal and had the tools to identify the five percent, it would fundamentally alter how e-commerce sites are delivered and experienced by consumers. In today’s competitive retail economy, sites must be constructed to emphasize conversions with that crucial five percent, while focusing on product…

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  • The stat-backed holiday advertising tips to know for 2016

    … generally increase for online retailers. And 2015 was no exception. Compared to costs during the rest of the year, average 2015 holiday CPMs (cost per thousand) increased 39 percent on mobile and 180 percent on desktop. But looking at the larger picture, the price increases didn’t mean advertisers were losing out on profitability. Thanks in part…

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  • 7 advanced tips for Google Shopping ads

    … to build all sorts of campaign hierarchies, but here are some common ones we’ve found really useful. The brand breakdown — for the typical online retailer that wants to separate their brand terms for better measurement. High priority — non-brand terms. This is basically a catch-all for most terms coming through. The only negatives you’re adding here…

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  • Looking beyond the holiday purchase: understanding customer lifetime value

    …: In October 2015, Rakuten Marketing (my employer) worked with a top US retailer on a new customer acquisition campaign. Using our omnichannel attribution platform, we were able to help them identify new customers who made purchases both online and offline and to pinpoint the combination of channels that were instrumental in driving these new qualified…

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