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    • Personalization in a post-brick-and-mortar world

      Competition from e-commerce sites is hurting physical storefronts. Up until now, retail stores have kept customers coming back by creating unique experiences and providing personalized services. Despite this, traditional brick-and-mortar stores are declining across the US. Even New York City’s acclaimed Fifth Avenue is experiencing a decline in retail storefront occupancy rates.

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    • Facebook Spaces & the risky virtualization of retail

      During Facebook’s annual F8 conference — which had to happen seven times before I decided “F8” was a play on “fate,” despite Wikipedia telling me it’s pronounced “eff eight” — Facebook showcased a potentially virtual future. Facebook Spaces is an attempt by Facebook to create social spaces that are built entirely within virtual reality. Visit places with your friends, virtually.

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  • Why brick-and-mortar retailers need to go digital with analytics

    … address, but this will not be required on subsequent visits. On future visits, the retailer will query their marketing database in real time and deliver highly targeted content. For instance, the shopper will see a landing page that includes a “welcome back” message and an offer intended to be of value specifically to her. It’s critical…

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  • Event-oriented vs. always-on: The campaign tactics that work

    … at a more consistent rate throughout the year (e.g., an online furniture retailer). Of course, even when operating in one of these larger strategic buckets, all e-commerce advertisers practice some version of a hybrid model. Very event-focused advertisers still will spend modest amounts to attract customers during the “down times,” while advertisers…

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  • Why marketers’ approaches to sales shoppers must change

    … in themselves. This lengthening research and consideration phase is a trait common across the profiles we identified. Today, retailers must make sure they deliver a strong multi-channel approach to cater to this extensive period of online research. But how do you know which channels and tactics to use? Having a full view of the user journey…

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  • 3 things you can do to stop (or at least slow) customer churn

    … program. 1. Think predictive and preventative A common challenge among retailers is understanding when to reach out to fading customers. Unlike in subscription businesses, traditional retail customers don’t tell you once they’ve churned. So how do we know the right time to reach out? Because many retailers use promotions as an incentive to win back…

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  • Shopping centers reinvented: 2017 and beyond

    … of merchandising and marketing to stay relevant in 2017 and beyond. Forward-thinking shopping centers are responding by reinventing the brick-and-mortar shopping experience with innovations aimed at mobile-enabled, experience-driven shoppers — including incorporating non-traditional anchor stores, introducing new open-air mall formats with park-like…

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  • Shaping the shopping experience: Our top retail columns for 2016

    …? Articles covering customer retention and consumer reviews also garnered a lot of attention in 2016. For these insights and more, check out our top 10 Retail columns of 2016: Top 10 payment processing companies in the world by Steve Olenski, published on 5/26/2016 Social activity: Facebook 1,075, Google+ 0, LinkedIn 425 The loyalty funnel: 3 KPIs…

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  • 5 steps to making ‘SENSE’ of early lifecycle marketing

    … greeted with a well-planned first-time buyer program, which you can read more about here in a previous column. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land. Staff authors are listed here. About The Author Jordan Elkind heads the product team at Custora, an advanced customer analytics platform for e-commerce retailers. Prior to joining Custora, he earned an MBA from Wharton and worked in marketing analytics at Citi Cards. …

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  • It’s time to replace mobile-friendly with mobile-first

    … shopping day in US history, with mobile accounting for over a third of all online sales, according to Adobe. Retailers that are “thinking small” are winning the holiday sales season thus far. Recode reported that Fanatics, an online retailer of sports apparel, had over half its Thanksgiving revenue come from mobile devices, capitalizing…

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  • How to drive mobile purchases this holiday season

    … Q4 is the busiest shopping season of the year, both online and off. Mobile commerce is on the rise, but there is still a gap between how much time people spend shopping on their devices and how much and how often they actually buy. Online sales account for less than 10 percent of the total global retail market. But trends may be shifting…

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  • For online retailers, second time’s the charm

    … Q4 is the equivalent of childbirth for online retailers. It’s a painful, stressful experience with a nine-month gestation that, in most cases, yields a brief period of euphoria followed by depression and anxiety. Much of this is due to a defective model. Some retailers make up to 30 percent of their annual sales during the frantic month…

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  • Lessons learned from Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Retailers must be open to change

    …, although many brands have pivoted from the Black Friday strategies of the past, the day is still a mainstay and requires consideration for every retail marketer. How do consumers really feel about Black Friday, and how should marketers respond this holiday season? Below are three takeaways from a report my company (Crimson Hexagon) put together…

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  • 7 omnichannel marketing tips to attract holiday shoppers

    … Businesses that sell products and services online need to fine-tune their digital marketing strategy to attract holiday shoppers during the busy — and competitive — holiday retail season. Holiday spending is expected to reach record levels since the Great Recession — increasing 10 percent since the 2015 holiday season, according to a report…

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