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  • Fixing historical redirects using Wayback Machine APIs

    … redirects that were never done (or dropped over time) from old pages on a website that had accumulated links and aren’t properly transferring signals to the current pages. You’re recovering value that already belongs to your website but was lost. In all of my years doing SEO, I would say that fixing redirects has been one of the most powerful tactics…

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  • 13 link opportunities to pursue now

    … Link acquisition is hard. There are a number of unique challenges in link building, which are made even more difficult since most SEO programs only allocate a small portion of their budget to link building. Links are still not guaranteed, even when you have incredible, compelling content to share. According to a study conducted by BuzzSumo…

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  • Performing a manual backlink audit, step by step

    … It might be every SEO’s least favorite job: the backlink audit. This is not because the work itself is horrible (though it can be tedious on sites with large link footprints), but because it’s almost always performed when a domain is in trouble. Whether you’re reading this article because you’re an SEO looking at new strategies or a site owner…

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  • Preserve Your Content Ecosystem By Fixing Link Rot

    …, this is where a lot of content marketing misses out. How Is Content Preservation Important To A Vertical’s Ecosystem? After all, it could be argued that most users only want the most relevant, recent information. Old websites and pages no longer provide utility. But how many times have you been on a research project and clicked on a reference link just…

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  • Evaluating Link Quality For SEO Campaigns

    … and a Staff Writer for Linkarati. As a Staff Writer at Linkarati Andrew gets to explore the ever-changing and exciting world of SEO on a daily basis. When he’s not writing about link building and SEO, you’ll find him attending and/or watching live sporting events. Andrew remains confident that he will see a Detroit Lions Super Bowl victory before he dies. (Some images used under license from…

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  • The Qualifier: Brand Protector, Time Saver & Outreach Humanizer

    … Our imaginary link-building department is bustling with business: the Link Strategist created a campaign, the Content Designer bridged the gaps between brand and opportunity, and if the Prospector did her job right, most outreach targets should be right on topic. But when you’re working at enterprise scale, “mostly on topic” isn’t close enough…

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  • Making Strategic Decisions About Difficult-To-Get Backlinks

    … it on the search results page (You may have to refresh your tab). Click the icon next to the Moz logo to “Export SERP Analysis to CSV.” The only column you will need is the URL column. Once you have your list of URLs from the SERP, launch Screaming Frog SEO Spider, which will fetch information about outbound links. (The free version should…

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  • Competitive Link Building Analysis For Your Industry

    … It seems like every day someone in our industry is saying link building is dead or that we should stop link building. Many of the current recommendations for modern SEO involve highly subjective suggestions like “Write quality content” and “Provide a good user experience,” along with messaging such as “Content is king.” What do those even mean…

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  • How To Attract Killer Links For E-Commerce Sites

    “Link building” has become a bit of a loaded term in the past few years. To some degree, this is justified. No one likes those dated and unprofessional “Hi, I was wondering if you would link to my site” emails. But the game has evolved, and frankly, I still love the term. Why? Because it isn’t “link begging” or “link loophole finding,” it is link building.

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  • Take Back Your Lost Links

    … is ascreenshot with recommended settings. Depending on the vertical and how much traffic images drive to our website, wemay want to grab image URLs as well. In “Configuration” > “Include,” add .** with being our domain. This will help with the crawler resources by only including links that include our domain name. To save time, we…

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  • How Press Requests Can Be A Link Building Gold Mine

    … Building genuinely powerful and authoritative links isn't easy. Sure, there are tons of ways to build links, but how many of these techniques actually enable you to gain real editorial mentions from top tier websites? The answer: not many. Getting a link from a leading publication within your industry can't even be compared to something like…

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