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    • Local SEO: 7 Google My Business questions asked and answered

      Consumers are increasingly searching online for shops, grocery stores, restaurants, car dealers, realtors and other businesses in their local area. Not surprisingly, four out of five people use search engines to find local information, like a company’s business hours, address, phone number, online reviews, busy times and more, according to Google.

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  • 4 local SEO tips for restaurants

    … own clients in examples. So this is a non-disclaimer for clarity. Other than my having enjoyed a few lunches there, we have no business relationship. Restaurant SEO tip #1: Google My Business If you’re on Search Engine Land, you probably already have a Google My Business page (and, if not, there’s some handy information from Google here). That said…

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  • An easy quarterly plan for local link building

    … Summer conference season is in full swing, and this month I’m stepping off Greg’s Soapbox to share some in-depth knowledge. With the release of the 2017 Local Search Ranking Factors and several studies, local SEO sessions are all pushing the importance of building local links. Even when tips are shared that explain how to get great links…

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  • Organic traffic & link building for small businesses

    … When it comes down to it, the hardest part of SEO for most small businesses is building links and authority. Keyword research, on-page optimization, local SEO — it’s all doable, and to some degree mechanical. But raising your authority? Not so much. While the importance of links is clear, Google’s messaging is confusing and unhelpful. We…

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  • How to nail a local SEO pitch

    … Local SEOs just get it. We understand that a company needs to be present when a customer digitally seeks its services. We get that businesses are virtually handing over potential revenue to competitors that invest more heavily than they do in local SEO. We recognize all of this wholeheartedly and put our blood, sweat and tears into helping…

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  • Digital assistants, conversational search and the future of local

    … as consistent across the web. 2. Speak the language of the digital assistants If you want the digital assistants to choose you in local search, it’s critical that you make it easy for them to gather and understand your page content. Be sure to use structured data markup (using vocabulary) on your local landing pages. If you’re…

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  • How to manage local listings for enterprise brands

    … created out there in the local search ecosystem to your source of truth and make adjustments accordingly. Automation My final word is on the importance of automating the local listings process (Disclaimer: I work for a local marketing automation company). While brands with only a few locations can get away with manually running the location data…

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  • Local SEO For WordPress Websites

    … Practices While your website should represent the center of your digital marketing universe, it is not the end-all-be-all to your Local SEO campaign. In fact, there are at least three other key areas that are essential to succeeding in the local search results. You must take care of citations, reviews and reputation and build links that help build your…

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  • How To Localize Google Search Results

    … In late November 2015, Google removed the location search filter from the (shrinking) list of search tools available to refine queries. As search results have become increasingly localized, this significantly limits consumers’ ability to see results for any other location than their own. Whether you’re a search pro who needs to see clients…

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