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  • How should your ad budget impact campaign building?

    Everyone running a PPC account typically has a budgeting question they are trying to figure out. For those with a tighter ad budget, the question becomes, “How do I get the most leads for this limited amount of spend I have?” Larger accounts run into their own problems; finding points of diminishing returns and making small gains in efficiency while maintaining spend levels ...

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  • 12 things successful PPC managers do in the morning

    … the campaign, ad group or keyword is nearing the “threshold of pain” — the edge of where we’re comfortable spending money on it — we then dig into Google Analytics to see if there are any assisted conversions happening. If everything looks blah, we go ahead and pause it. 9. Follow PPC channel performance Find out how PPC is stacking up against other…

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  • How New & Existing Customers Interact With Your Paid Search Ads Differently

    Analyzing paid search orders based on whether they were placed by new-to-file or return customers can be a valuable exercise in determining how different areas of an account help drive new buyers to your site or aid in customer retention. Beyond that, it can also give you some insight into how searchers behave when clicking on ads and how brand recognition impacts decisions made on the SERP.

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  • How To Grow Online Market Share Without Increasing Your PPC Budget

    Pay-per-click advertising is all about buying online market share. People are searching online for something relevant to your business, and you pay to show up in that search. It’s a great model, provided that those impressions actually turn into sales. Unfortunately, even if your PPC efforts are producing profitable sales, most business owners and account managers live with ...

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  • Connecting Demographics To Search Queries

    … Advertising in search is often difficult to conceptualize for many brands because of how different the live auction and targeting methodology is compared with traditional media planning and buying. Media strategies are built on market research, which always includes target demographics or personas. Specialty channels like search — where…

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  • Tips For Establishing A New Google AdWords Account

    … Over the past year, I have launched many new Google paid search accounts. While the basic account structure and setup process have remained relatively consistent over the years, there have been a few recent changes that are worth mentioning. In this article, I will cover the basics of Google AdWords account setup and share some tips on recent…

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  • Re-Examining The Top 10 Paid Search Best Practices, Part 1

    … on how negatives should be used, when they should be used, and ensure each of you are using them in the same way to avoid any performance issues. 5. Use Different Creative For Mobile And Desktop Ads Mobile, once a traffic outlier in single digit percentage of clicks, has now become the dominant sub-channel for paid search for most advertisers…

    Josh Dreller/ Search Engine Land- 47 readers -
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