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  • 7 tips for small manufacturers thinking about using AdWords

    … In my 17 years as a B2B SEO and marketing consultant, I hadn’t really considered giving PPC a go until Google changed the layout for its search results to remove right-side ads on desktop and to increase the number of ads appearing above the organic results to as many as four. Suddenly, SEO became a whole different ball game, especially since…

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  • Should you create device-specific PPC campaigns?

    … with performance cadence changes listed above, it’s abundantly clear that searchers have different appetites, needs and patience depending on their device(s). Notwithstanding, the growth of voice search is changing searcher behavior on mobile devices, which requires a separate keyword set as well — a difficult feat to accomplish in combined…

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  • How should your ad budget impact campaign building?

    … while maintaining spend levels at a point that generates the growth you need can be a headache. If you take away one point from this, it’s that search impression share may be the most ignored primary metric for most PPC managers who are up against a budget. Search impression share is the number of impressions your ads actually received, compared…

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  • 12 things successful PPC managers do in the morning

    … the campaign, ad group or keyword is nearing the “threshold of pain” — the edge of where we’re comfortable spending money on it — we then dig into Google Analytics to see if there are any assisted conversions happening. If everything looks blah, we go ahead and pause it. 9. Follow PPC channel performance Find out how PPC is stacking up against other…

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  • Connecting Demographics To Search Queries

    … Advertising in search is often difficult to conceptualize for many brands because of how different the live auction and targeting methodology is compared with traditional media planning and buying. Media strategies are built on market research, which always includes target demographics or personas. Specialty channels like search — where…

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  • Tips For Establishing A New Google AdWords Account

    … location or region By seasonality Campaign structure is important, because budgets are set at the campaign level. Establish your campaigns based on how you want to allocate and manage your PPC investment. 2. Create Ad Groups Once you have decided upon your campaign structure, you need to develop ad groups within each campaign. Ad groups further…

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  • How To Resolve Issues With Flexible Bid Strategies In AdWords

    In November 2014, Google quietly rolled out an AdWords update that provides more detailed status information for flexible bidding strategies. The detailed reporting allows you to see when updates and changes made to the bid strategy caused it to move from an active status into a “learning” mode, as well as why a bid strategy is “limited” and therefore unable to be used for optimization.

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