Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a communications protocol for secure communication over a computer network, with especially wide deployment on the Internet. Technically, it is not a protocol in and of itself; rather, it is the result of simply layering the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) on top of the SSL/TLS protocol, thus adding the security capabilities of SSL/TLS to standard HTTP communications. The main motivation for HTTPS is to prevent wiretapping and man-in-the-middle attacks.
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    • Time Sensitive: How to Get SSL (HTTPS) for Your Blog

      If you run a blog or website you’ve probably heard about SSL certificates and the idea of moving your domain from the old http:// to the secure https:// version. It’s a very important topic. In fact, this is something that will affect the security, performance and even the search engine rankings of your blog.

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  • Ask Yoast: Lower rankings without HTTPS?

    … suspect your rankings have lowered because you don’t have an SSL layer. Become a technical SEO expert with our Technical SEO 1 training! » $199 - Buy now » Info Larry Launstein Jr. emailed us a question on this subject. How do you optimize a site that has been lowered in the rankings because of lack of an SSL layer? Is there a workaround…

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  • SEO basics: What is HTTPS?

    … HTTPS secures the connection to the website you are visiting. I’m sure you have seen this in action; look at the address bar in the browser and find the lock icon on the left-hand side. Is the lock closed? Then the connection is secure. Is it open or is there another type of icon or message? Then it’s not secure and vulnerable to attack. Using…

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  • What is HTTP/2 and how does it benefit SEO?

    … The HTTP/2 protocol was published in 2015 with the aim of creating a faster, more secure Internet. Adoption has been gradual and is ongoing, but there are clear benefits for marketers who make the upgrade. So what exactly is HTTP/2 and how does it affect SEO? The variety and quantities of information transferred on the Internet have changed…

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  • The Impending HTTPstrophe — And What it Means for Local Businesses

    …: Google is rapidly moving towards a time when HTTPS will be an absolute necessity for websites. As you mention, as soon as this month if an http:// website contains any input field, users will start getting scary security messages. From Google’s announcement: “Passwords and credit cards are not the only types of data that should be private. Any…

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  • The Check List for Launching a Site that Most People Forget

    … Everyone has seen Mobile First come and go and now it is HTTPs. Maybe you built your site a long time ago, like me and you now want to give it a revamp. What ever the reason for a site relaunch, I cannot stress the importance enough of a checklist. I would suggest you layout the plan in the following ways Many people think when…

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  • No Time to Delay – Move Your Website to HTTPS Now!

    … when analysing the success of your online marketing efforts. This fact alone should encourage you to move to HTTPS. What’s First? Before you migrate your website to HTTPS, it’s important to get in contact with your web developer and SEO provider to indicate that you will be making the move. Your web developer/hosting company will work with you…

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  • Should I move my WordPress website to HTTPS?

    … Whether you’re a website owner or a website visitor, everyone wants a fast loading website which can carry out sensitive exchanges of information securely. In 2014, Google announced that it was beginning to use HTTPS as a ranking signal, signalling an increased emphasis on secure connections from the world’s biggest search engine. Then, last…

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  • Why site speed is as important as ever on the visual web

    … that could make a big difference to your page load speed by refactoring your code. JavaScript Libraries I’ve encountered a number of websites that run big JavaScript libraries that aren’t used on a lot of pages, but they still have to load on every page. Making excessive calls to a large amount of unnecessary JavaScript and CSS files slows down…

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  • SSL Is No Longer Optional – Why You Need A Secure Certificate For Your Website

    … A lot has changed on the Internet since I got my start in the late 90’s. Back then, it cost upwards of $100/year for a domain registration and the “cheapest” you would find quality web hosting would be around $25/month. To add an SSL certificate (https support) would be even more as you had to […] The post SSL Is No Longer Optional – Why You Need A Secure Certificate For Your Website appeared first on Startup Hero. …

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  • Moving your website to HTTPS / SSL: tips & tricks

    … In 2014, we decided to switch over to the (now) commonly-used HTTPS to encrypt sensitive data that’s being sent across our website. This post describes some useful tips based on our own experiences that might come in handy if you’re considering switching. Optimize your site for search & social media and keep it optimized with Yoast SEO…

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  • SEMRush Adds Tool to Crawl Your Site and Find HTTPS Issues

    … If you’ve ever had to utilize a browser’s developer tools to try and track down a rogue image or include that’s not secure, you know how frustrating it is. Lucky for us, there’s been a fantastic update to SEMRush’s comprehensive Site Audit – the addition of an HTTPS checker. You can now perform an in-depth HTTPS check which covers 100 percent…

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  • How HTTPS Affects SEO and Why You Should Make the Move

    …. We purged ALL of our caches which includes CDN’s cache so that we could pull all of the static files from HTTPS rather than HTTP. We fixed seo-hackercom’s internal caching system to work with HTTPS. To that end, we used the W3 Total Cache plugin. Back then, I reviewed Cyrus Shepard’s post entitled: “The Big List of SEO Tips and Tricks…

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  • Google Chrome SSL certificate proposal could affect millions of websites

    … Last year, the developers behind Google’s Chrome browser began taking steps designed to protect users and encourage companies to use HTTPS. But now, potentially millions of websites that use SSL certificates issued by Symantec and affiliated resellers could find that their certificates are effectively worthless as far as Chrome is concerned…

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  • Moving SEOno to HTTPS: How Using Cloudflare Caused a Duplicate Content Issue

    … A few days ago, I moved this blog to fully (and only) HTTPS. I’d been on Cloudflare for a few months but I didn’t realise that it was inadventently causing a site-wide duplicate content issue (between HTTP & HTTPS URLs). In this post I document the discovery of the issue, the process I took to fix it, and the potential knock-on effects…

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