HubSpot develops and markets a software-as-a-service product for inbound marketing also called HubSpot. The software has features for social media marketing, email marketing, content management, web analytics and search engine optimization among others. The company was founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2006. Originally funded by Shah and a faculty member at MIT, it raised more than $100 million in funding. The organization advocates for the inbound marketing concept in its own marketing through viral videos, Twitter, webinars and an annual inbound marketing report.
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    • 5 Interactive Content Types That Will Boost Your Results

      How To Use Interactive Content To Stop Readers & Engage Them Despite your investment in high quality content marketing, do uninspiring results leave you without an explanation beyond Facebook’s organic reach falloff? Not sure how to stand out in the endless steams of information and messages reaching your audience through a variety of channels and devices? Then try interactive content.

      Heidi Cohen/ Heidi Cohenin Content- 15 readers -
    • Street Fight Daily: Pinterest Empowers Brands, Uber Sues an Agency

      Street Fight Daily: Pinterest Empowers Brands, Uber Sues an Agency September 20, 2017 by Joseph Zappa Leave a Comment Filed Under: Headlines, News A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology… Brands Can Now Tap Pinterest’s Pin Collective Via a Self-Serve Customer Platform (AdWeek) Pinterest formed Pin Collective last October as a way to giv.

      Street Fightin Social Facebook- 13 readers -
  • 3 Awesome Things You Aren’t Doing with HubSpot Workflows

    … Sitting at the heart of HubSpot’s marketing automation, HubSpot Workflows are immensely powerful. Most clients I come across, however, haven’t really started dabbling in their capabilities. They have a few workflows here and there that are meant to help nurture leads from one stage in the funnel to the next, but, for the most part, they don’t have a significant amount of strategy behind them. Here are three awesome (and most importantly, strategic) things you aren’t doing with HubSpot Workflows. …

    The IMPACT Blog- 23 readers -
  • The Interactive Content Marketing Purchase Funnel Guide

    …-ending social media feeds, always-on apps, and time consuming games. 81% of marketers agree: interactive content is more effective at attracting attention than static content. (@Hubspot) Here’s how these 3 food categories apply to interactive content: Snacks: Attract attention. Yields increased traffic, time-on-site. Also improved branding and shares…

    Heidi Cohen/ Heidi Cohenin Content- 22 readers -
  • 2017 HubSpot Pricing Guide by Ben Ratner at HubSpot

    … We've received some feedback from users lately that it's not super clear which features come with which particular tier of HubSpot Marketing. I can't say I'm too surprised by this feedback. After all, HubSpot does have 5 different tiers of the product (Free, Starter, Basic, Pro, Enterprise). So please allow us to clear the air :) The best way I…

    Randy Milanovic/ KAYAK ONLINE MARKETING BLOG - 19 readers -
  • #5: How to Use Your Content to Market Smarter with Mike Volpe of HubSpot

    … On this episode of the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast, I interview Mike Volpe, the Chief Marketing Officer of HubSpot. Today’s episode is a special one because it’s something many of you actually asked for in response to a survey I sent out a few months ago. In that survey, many of you indicated that […] The post #5: How to Use Your Content to Market Smarter with Mike Volpe of HubSpot appeared first on Amy Porterfield | Online Marketing Expert. …

    Amy Porterfieldin Social SEO EMail Content Twitter How To's- 30 readers -
  • How HubSpot's "Junk Marketing Leads" Helped it Go Public

    … A lot of inbound marketers find themselves in this situation: They get notice of a new lead that makes them all excited. They can't wait to click the contact record and find out who it is. So, they go over to their HubSpot portal, pop open that record and then hang their head in disappointment seeing it’s someone not even remotely qualified…

    The IMPACT Blogin How To's- 20 readers -
  • How 2017 Marketing Can Drive More Profitable Sales [Research]

    … a marketing-sales perspective, examine the entire buyer journey and customer experience. To put these results in context, customer conversion takes time and repeated engagement, specifically 10+ interactions. Microsoft research found 12 touches were needed. (Note: Couldn’t find source.) According to Moz’s Rand Fishkin, customers who visit Moz 10…

    Heidi Cohen/ Heidi Cohenin How To's- 19 readers -
  • Marketing Automation: What it is & Why it’s Important for Your Success

    … If you’re a business owner or a CMO, you know how hectic work days can get. Back-to-back meetings, ensuring your team is on track to meet their goals for the quarter, double checking your new Facebook campaign (that’s going live in the next 20 minutes), and the list goes on. It can be difficult to balance everything you need to do while also…

    The IMPACT Blog- 19 readers -
  • 5 Customer Experience Lessons From Your Mother

    … Customer Experience Is The New Marketing Black You can learn a lot about customer experience and how to treat your audience from your mother. Unlike children, your audience including potential buyers, their purchase influencers, customer and end-users are often only numbers to marketers. They translate to leads and sales; they’re proof…

    Heidi Cohen/ Heidi Cohen- 26 readers -
  • Why Developers Love HubSpot

    … When redesigning your website, many of us are faced with a task of looking for a website platform that is capable of specific functionality that facilitates our marketing efforts. Researching the multitude of options can be a real pain. You may find yourself struggling to understand whether or not certain capabilities are supported/included, how…

    The IMPACT Blog- 13 readers -
  • How to Integrate HubSpot With (Damn Near) Everything Using Zapier

    … I’m a HUGE fan of Zapier. We’ve been using it for the past few years at IMPACT and it’s enabled us to maximize our usage of applications like HubSpot, Slack, Google Calendar, Eventbrite, and much more. Today, I’ll teach you to do the same (all without writing a line of code). …

    The IMPACT Blog- 27 readers -
  • Marketer’s Dozen: The Top 13 Inbound & HubSpot Partner Agencies

    … When people ask who the best inbound or HubSpot Partner agency is, it’s easy to huff and say IMPACT -- but I’m not about those cliches. The HubSpot Partner Agency Program is rich with gifted inbound marketers who have taught us a thing or two over the years, and also vice versa. From content and strategy to design and development, our team…

    The IMPACT Blog- 48 readers -
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