• Sneaky Malware Is Threatening User Trust in Digital Advertising

    … Malware attacks can come from many directions. It is, however, possible to protect yourself by using a robust antivirus program and maintaining a healthy skepticism toward messages from unknown senders. Even still, malware buried in advertising remains a stubborn problem, and it’s currently causing issues for a number of mainstream sites. Last…

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  • More Competition Means Fewer Shares All Around (Report)

    … Sharing is one of the most meaningful actions a user can take on a social media site. In an analysis of the 1 million most shared articles from the first six months of this year, BuzzSumo and Fractl examined activity on the top social networks and offered insights into the most popular publishers on the web. As has been the case for many years…

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  • The Real Winner of the Brexit Vote: Interactive Content

    … long would you survive in the wild?,” and results such as, “Live on a fishing boat in the North Sea.” The humor reflected the mood of the nation and impressed The Tab’s readers, garnering an 89 percent completion rate and an average of 2.5 minutes spent on page. Last but not least, The Huffington Post employed a chat-like format to break down…

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  • Report: Love Is the Most Popular Facebook Reaction

    … The ability to interact with Facebook posts had remained static for a long time. Like, share, comment, ignore and report were pretty much the only ways to make your feelings known. Facebook Reactions offered users another way to express themselves, and results have been mixed. Content marketing agency Fractl looked at the top three posts…

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