• Is Online TV Killing Traditional TV? [Infographic]

    … has been defined as viewing more than two episodes of the same show in a single sitting. Some subscription TV services help make binge-watching even more compelling by starting to play the next episode after the last one is over. See, The Plaid Zebra, Turns out binge watching isn’t actually your choice. Netflix has become a haven for binge-watchers…

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  • Apple TV, Fire TV or Roku: Which Is Best for You?

    … Making the most of your TV viewing no longer means watching what’s on now. Streaming media players give you lots of options beyond traditional TV channels. You can connect to services such as Netflix and Hulu, use apps, play games, see photos, listen to music and even use your TV as a second computer screen. But with all of the choices you may…

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  • Roku 3 – Your Best Choice for Streaming Media?

    … will come down the value one puts in Roku’s universal search. Roku Content within the US As previously stated, Roku owners in the US will have over 1,800 available channels to choose from. This includes the major players: Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Instant Video. While those require subscriptions, there are plenty of free channels to watch…

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