Human-Computer Interaction

Human–computer interaction (HCI) involves the study, planning, design and uses of the interaction between people (users) and computers. It is often regarded as the intersection of computer science, behavioral sciences, design and several other fields of study. The term was popularized by Card, Moran, and Newell in their seminal 1983 book, The Psychology of Human-Computer Interaction, although the authors first used the term in 1980, and the first known use was in 1975.
Posts about Human-Computer Interaction
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    … the control of identity and private life. The appropriation of personal facts for commercial value — an issue that emerged with Google’s Shared Endorsements and Facebook’s Sponsored Stories – are a small glimpse of what lies ahead. The key will be the defaults: Either individuals will control their online persona or it will be controlled by others…

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    … and experience in life sciences (developmental biology, genetics, microbiology), information sciences, and human factors. I like math, too. I’d rather be a math genius than a rock star. That being said, I know what it is like to experience gender bias across multiple disciplines and industries. What am I supposed to do? NOT be good at math…

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