• 4 Ways to Humanize Your Brand with Email Marketing

    … important reason why email works: it humanizes your brand, enabling you to build profitable, one-on-one connections with your subscribers. Here’s how email makes that possible, and how you can start building better relationships with your subscribers today. Connect with your fan club (your email subscribers!) When someone chooses to share their email…

    Movable Ink Blog- 21 readers -
  • 4 Ways to Humanize Your Online Marketing Campaign to Drive Sales

    … marketing and drive online sales is humanize your online business. A marketing campaign directed toward individuals creates a better experience for all parties. The users feel like they're being taken care of, and your company reaps the benefits of increased page views, customer engagement, brand loyalty, and improved profits. If you're looking for ways…

    Search Engine Guide- 1 readers -
  • 3 Content Marketing Trends to Rule Them All in 2015

    … wants it. Automation takes work and planning, but done right is an amazing tool. However, as automation tactics become more widespread, automation alone isn’t enough to differentiate. This content marketing trend involves companies starting to find places in their content to humanize their business. This will be especially powerful for mid…

    Ryan Hanley/ Content Warfare Blogin Content Twitter- 32 readers -
  • How to Stand Out in Crowded Inboxes

    … annual membership fees. Members get priority ticketing, monthly newsletters, and annual vinyl singles. Although many brands have attempted to from a loyalty perspective (e.g., Coca-Cola with their now-retired iCoke rewards program), creating a community that involves other members would also help you stand out in the inbox. Coca-Cola is now working…

    Herbert Lui/ The Content Strategistin Display EMail Content How To's- 27 readers -
  • 26 Tips to Strengthen Your Social Media Marketing

    …, comment, retweet or click. Here’s how Sony uses calls to action on their social profiles. On Facebook, Sony uses phrases such as “Check it out,” “Don’t forget,” “Find out more,” “Go behind the scenes” and “Read about it here” to get people to click through. The URL destinations include blog posts, Vine, embedded videos, Vevo, a Sony video…

    Debbie Hemley/ Social Media Examinerin Social Twitter- 189 readers -
  • 4 Killer Professional Services Growth Strategies

    …, allowing you to position yourself or your brand as a thought leader in your niche. Use Automation to Humanize Your Marketing Sounds like a contradiction, right? It sounds that way because of the misconceptions common to automation. On the surface, automation evokes images of robotic, impersonal marketing. The truth is quite the opposite. Automation…

    John Beveridge/ The Inbound Growth Blogin Content- 6 readers -
  • Does Facebook Work for B2B PR? These Brands Say Yes!

    … and focuses on providing information about big data analytics for business. “HP’s Enterprise Business division understands that most CIOs aren’t half as interested in our technology as in what it can help them achieve,” they state in their About tab. The About section includes a list of outcomes HP Systems have helped clients provide worldwide, making…

    Allen Mireles/ Vocus Blogin Social Facebook Twitter- 19 readers -
  • 9 Books for Your Summer Reading List

    … Social Media Strategist is geared most specifically to marketers working for very large companies, the information is valuable for anyone. 3. Humanize, by Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant Humanize, per the name, is about the culture change companies must undergo in order to embrace the full potential of social media, not just for marketing…

    Margie Clayman/ Vocus Blog- 16 readers -
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