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  • Making B2B Content Fun to Create, Read and Share

    … Being Rare is Remarkable I’m going to assume your solutions are well thought out and competitively priced, or you wouldn’t be in business. Product/market fit arguably drives most success in B2B. But content is how we get there—how we communicate, stand out and make those kick ass solutions known. “Yeah Bill, we get it. We’re telling our brand story…

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  • Chasing Clicks Until We’re Numb Doesn’t Do Us Any Good

    … people behind the clicks, which we clearly shouldn’t! Performance Marketing vs. Content Marketing I have witnessed firsthand, time and time again, how people stick their heads into their excel sheets, count impressions and clicks, and attribute them to channels. The channels delivering the best performance are kept and those not doing as well…

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  • Top Marketing Secret Revealed: Be Authentic

    … Published 1 min ago 32 In the past I’ve discussed a trend that is currently plaguing our industry: the lack of humanization in content marketing. Over time, all the listicles, infographics and how-to’s (which can be valuable, don’t get me wrong) have the effect of watering down a brand. They add to the internet noise pollution more than…

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  • Human Beings: Content Marketing’s Biggest Winner in 2014

    … on, and it’s how The Financial Times and The Economist now sell advertising. And it’s logical – the more time you spend reading an article, the more engaged you are with the content. No, this measurement still isn’t perfect, but it’s a big step in the right direction – the human direction. Time is our most precious commodity, and if we give it, it means…

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  • Using Culture to Humanize Your Content

    …, content marketing has become a commodity-fueled numbers game that oversaturates social media feeds, inboxes and our brains to the point where we spend more time trying to avoid bad content than actually solving our challenges. So the question becomes: how do we, as marketers, conceptualize and create meaningful content that has staying power? Most…

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