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  • Making B2B Content Fun to Create, Read and Share

    … Published 1 min ago 39 I must hear it five times a week or more: “Bill, your call is the one I look forward to the most.” “Working with your team is my fun project.“ It’s a sad reality for most B2B marketers these days that content marketing is getting harder, more laborious and less fun. As demands for planning, creation…

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  • Chasing Clicks Until We’re Numb Doesn’t Do Us Any Good

    … only be sustainable if it’s built on a solid foundation—a vision and a strategy which, by definition, is a long term approach. Strategic Content Marketing: A Distant Goal A friend of mine told me how he could not get a client of his to invest in building owned media channels because the best (short term) performances were on paid media channels…

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  • Top Marketing Secret Revealed: Be Authentic

    … they provide utility. You may be thinking, “Yeah, but that’s what my audience clicks on!” To address the debate, let’s borrow some analogies from the most authentic pop culture brand that came out of the 90’s: the Spice Girls. Spice Up Your Life Just kidding. The Spice Girls are actually the perfect example of what not to do: manufacture content…

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  • Human Beings: Content Marketing’s Biggest Winner in 2014

    … on, and it’s how The Financial Times and The Economist now sell advertising. And it’s logical – the more time you spend reading an article, the more engaged you are with the content. No, this measurement still isn’t perfect, but it’s a big step in the right direction – the human direction. Time is our most precious commodity, and if we give it, it means…

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  • Using Culture to Humanize Your Content

    … source of ideas, inspiration, and energy. If you’re willing to spend the big bucks on clogging your neighbor’s Facebook feed – why not invest in your own nest instead? Marketing from the inside out The basis of a truly modern brand goes well beyond logo and tagline. It is heavily influenced by organizational culture including core values…

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