• I don’t think that emoji means what you think it means

      By Mark Schaefer When I travel around the world, I go to extreme measures to assure that my talks are culturally-sensitive. I sift through my speeches for humor or American phrases that might confuse or even offend somebody. I try to use local language and images whenever I can. I even think about my body language and try to learn about any gestures or positions that might co ...

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    • How I disrupted the British Rail System because I had too much coffee

      By Mark Schaefer The whole situation started because I needed to pee. I was on a business trip to Wales and boarded an early morning train that was to carry me across the United Kingdom to London. In fact it was so early, it was the first train of the day and it was just sitting in the railyard waiting to go.

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  • The all-time greatest Christmas marketing story

    … My daughter told me this cool story and I think it’s a fun and interesting marketing tale for the Christmas season. Lauren is an adventurer and loves to save her money for international vacations. This year, she decided to go to Amsterdam, Belgium, and Germany to attend some of the winter Christmas markets. In Germany, she noticed that many…

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  • 9 Ways to Master the Art of the Conference Call

    … Everyone knows that meetings are bad. But conference calls, the meeting’s bastard brother, are on a whole other level. Typically, conference calls consist of groups of disembodied voices, all with questionable phone connections, speaking over one another to make a point nobody is listening to. For something meant to be productive, the conference…

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  • A Night at the Facebook Hotel

    … I knew something was wrong as soon as I entered the hotel. I signed in at the front desk and the clerk assumed a huge, cheerful smile. “Welcome to the Facebook Hotel!” he said. “Your dog died six years ago today!” After forcing me to look at four photos of my departed dog as a puppy, he handed over my room key. I stepped onto the elevator…

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  • How to Become a Marketing Guru, in 8 Steps

    …1. Get a goofy hairstyle When it comes to style, gurus are basically soccer stars. (Side note: Thank you William Kulp for inspiring this idea. Your comment is the only good thing on LinkedIn I’ve ever read.) Just like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi needs a unique hairstyle to stick out among hundreds of competing footballers, gurus need…

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  • 20 Jokes Only a Marketer Could Love

    … It’s well past time for marketers to get serious about comedy. The best way to connect with an audience is by authentically appealing to them on a human level. Adding humor to marketing is one of the most powerful ways to make that appeal. Telling a joke does more than provide a moment’s diversion. When people share in a joke, it creates…

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  • 11 Comics That Only Content Marketers Will Understand

    … Consider this group therapy, in comic form. (All comics by Martin Kozlowski for The Content Strategist.) When it’s your first day on the job… You don’t even want to know what happens when you ask for a new lede. When your boss asks you to audit your company’s existing content… Most of it is spam, which never expires. When you meet…

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  • Social Media Users Don’t Want News in Their News Feeds (Report)

    … amount of news posts in social feeds, this data echoes earlier findings that social users are more interested in each other than they are in news. Still, politics is one of the top discussion topics users choose to respond to with comments. 48 percent comment on humor posts, 36 percent comment on political posts, 36 percent comment on food posts…

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  • Too Many Promotional Brand Posts Drive Users Away (Report)

    … by brands using slang and jargon, 34 percent disliked a lack of personality, 32 percent disliked forced humor and nearly 25 percent were annoyed when brands didn’t respond to messages sent by the user. 46 percent of respondents said they unfollow brands for posting too many promotional messages, 41 percent unfollowed because of irrelevant…

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  • Facebook, Instagram and Users’ ‘Behavior and Emotions’ (Study)

    … content. Respondents said both platforms “fulfill their need for fun and discovery,” but fun was defined as encountering the unexpected on Instagram, and as humor on Facebook. Facebook IQ researcher Vicki Molina-Estolano, the lead on this report, offered more details in a blog post, and highlights follow: Maybe it’s our proximity to Napa…

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  • This is the Darkest Ad Parody I’ve Ever Seen

    … If you really like ad parodies and disturbing sci-fi, then boy do I have the YouTube video for you. From independent content shop Portal A comes “Taco Bell: The Aftermath #CreamDream,” a legitimately disturbing parody in which a Taco Bell spokesperson eats 20 “Casablanca DreamDream Supreme” tacos while filming a commercial and then is forced…

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