Hype Cycle

The Hype Cycle is a branded graphical tool developed and used by IT research and advisory firm Gartner for representing the maturity, adoption and social application of specific technologies.
Posts about Hype Cycle
  • Are Infographics Dead?

    … in the not too distant past when simply putting [INFOGRAPHIC] in your headline would yield more clicks. But that was back when infographics were a new medium. Even if the content wasn’t interesting, the form was. But those days are over and the shininess of infographics have worn off. I think it’s fair to say that if infographics were put on the Hype Cycle, we…

    Jess Bachman/ Visual.lyin Social SEO Content Twitter- 19 readers -
  • The social media forecast: Cloudy!

    … social media hype cycle and create more realistic social media budgets and expectations. As I look back, 2010 was really the dawn of “content marketing.” I think that is the morph that had to happen. Years later I described content marketing as a “do-over” for social media and I think that is more or less the implication of the prediction. Social…

    {grow}in Social SEO Google Facebook- 17 readers -
  • Haters gonna hate: A guide to the backlash against Vice

    … The hype cycle for publishers is a cruel thing. One day the darling, the next you’re getting a Code:Red. Just look at Vice. In 20 years, Vice has gone from being a small counterculture magazine to the media word’s latest obsession, with a $2.5 billion valuation. And, inevitably, it has attracted its share of haters on the way to the top. Lately…

    Ricardo Bilton/ Digidayin Twitter YouTube- 18 readers -
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