The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) is a department of ICANN, a nonprofit private American corporation, which oversees global IP address allocation, autonomous system number allocation, root zone management in the Domain Name System (DNS), media types, and other Internet Protocol-related symbols and numbers.
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    • Root crypto rollover now slated for October

      ICANN has penciled in October 11 as the new date for rolling the DNS root’s cryptographic keys, a delay of a year from its original plan. The so-called KSK rollover will see ICANN remove the deprecated 2010 Key Signing Key, leaving only the 2017 KSK active. The KSK acts as the “trust anchor” for DNSSEC across the whole internet.

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    • Is the Trump administration really trying to reverse the IANA transition?

      Questions have been raised about the US government’s commitment to an independent ICANN, following the release of letters sent by two top Trump appointees. In the letters, new NTIA head David Redl and Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross expressed an interest in looking at ways to “unwind” the IANA transition, which in 2016 severed the formal ties between ICANN and the US in DN ...

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  • New Trump appointee slams ICANN after security group shutdown

    … by Donald Trump back in May, replacing Obama appointee Larry Strickling, who left the agency in January. He’s the first NTIA chief since ICANN’s inception not to enjoy the special position of power over ICANN granted by the old IANA contract, which was scrapped in September 2016. Tweet Tagged: abu dhabi, gac, iana, ICANN, ntia, security, ssr-2 …

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  • Davies named new IANA boss

    … Kim Davies has been named the new head of IANA. ICANN said today that he’s been promoted from his role as director of technical services to VP of IANA services and president of Public Technical Identifiers, the company that manages the IANA functions. With ICANN since 2005, he replaces Elise Gerich, who announced her departure, originally…

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  • US “threatens” Costa Rica over Pirate Bay domains

    …, one of the Pirate Bay’s founders launched a piracy-friendly domain registration service. Just this week, the European Court of Justice ruled, after seven years of legal fights, that the Pirate Bay infringes copyright, raising the possibility of the site being blocked in more European countries. The NIC.cr letter is dated June 6. It had not yet been published by ICANN or the GAC. Tweet Tagged: .cr, commerce, copyright, gac, iana, ICANN, nic.cr, ntia, piracy, the pirate bay …

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  • Want to be one of the internet’s SEVEN SECRET KEY-HOLDERS? Apply now!

    … once or twice a year. The TCRs are used in the paranoia-inducing cryptographic key-signing ceremonies that provide DNSSEC at the root of the domain name system. The ceremonies take place at ICANN data centers four times a year. The ceremonies themselves take hours, involve multiple layers of physical and data security, and the volunteers…

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  • IANA boss quits ICANN

    … The head of IANA is to leave the organization, ICANN announced this week. Elise Gerich, currently vice president of IANA Services at ICANN and president of Public Technical Identifiers (PTI), will leave in October, according to a blog post. She’ll stick around long enough to oversee the DNS root’s first DNSSEC Key-Signing Key rollover, which…

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  • ICANN’s divorce from the US cost $32 million

    … The IANA transition cost ICANN a total of $32 million, according to documentation released today. The hefty bill was racked up from the announcment of the transition in March 2014 until the end of 2016, according to this presentation (pdf). A whopping $15 million of the total went on lawyers. Another $8.3 million went on other third-party…

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  • Trump nominee open to retaking ICANN oversight role

    … increase its power over ICANN. He was responding to a question from Ted Cruz, the Texas senator who made halting the IANA transition one of his key concerns last year. Cruz, framing the question in such a way as to suggest ICANN is now in the hands of an intergovernmental consortium (which it is not) asked Ross whether he was committed to preventing…

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  • ICANN retires Affirmation of Commitments with US gov

    … ICANN has terminated its last formal oversight link with the US government. Late last week, ICANN chair Steve Crocker and Larry Strickling, assistant secretary at the US National Telecommunications and Information Administration mutually agreed to retire the seven-year-old Affirmation of Commitments. The AoC, negotiated during the tail end…

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  • States drop IANA transition block lawsuit

    … Four states attorneys general have quietly thrown in the towel in their attempt to have the IANA transition blocked or reversed. The AGs of Texas, Nevada, Arizona and Oklahoma unilaterally dropped their Texas lawsuit against the US government on Friday, court records show. A filing (pdf) signed by all four reads simply: Plaintiffs hereby…

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  • ICANN faces first post-transition test of UN power (for real this time)

    … process in order to extract the policies they want directly from the ICANN board of directors and staff. It’s the first time since the IANA transition, which happened less than a week ago, that governments have been accused of exploiting their special access to the board, and it may become a hot topic at next month’s ICANN 57 meeting in India…

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  • Roots hits 1,500 live TLDs as US oversight ends

    … on, the small clerical role NTIA had when ICANN wanted to make changes to the root is no more. The fact that it hit a nice round number the same day as ICANN oversight switched to a community-led approach is probably just a coincidence. Amazon’s .通販 was almost banned for being too confusingly similar to “.shop”, but that ludicrous decision was later…

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  • Judge says IANA transition suit unlikely to succeed

    … A Texas judge refused demands for a temporary restraining order preventing the IANA transition going ahead last weekend because the suing state attorneys general were unlikely to succeed at trial. That was one of several reasons Judge George Hanks refused the TRO, which had been requested by the Republican AGs of Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma…

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  • Obama formally hands internet over to UN

    … of doubt: this article is satire. None of this stuff is going to happen. I’m merely gently trolling some of the coverage the IANA transition has received in certain media outlets and on the fringes of Twitter over the last several weeks. Tweet Tagged: iana, satire, transition …

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