The International Business Times is an online publication based in New York City, comprising 10 national editions and seven languages. The publication, sometimes called IBTimes or IBT, offers news, opinion, and editorial commentary on business and business-related stories. It is ranked by Alexa as the fourth-most visited site among business newspapers.IBTimes was launched in 2005; it is owned by IBT Media, and was founded by Etienne Uzac and Johnathan Davis. Its headquarters are in a former Newsweek office in the Financial District of New York.
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  • Want Links? Be A Jerk!

    … a news story, regardless of the original source, which is one of the reasons CNET, Mashable and iBTimes outrank the Oscar Mayer site and the 360i site for “bacon scented alarm clock” — a product and ad campaign created by Oscar Mayer and its agency, 360i. Sometimes, The Reasons Aren’t Positive And sometimes, people are compelled to link to people…

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