The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN, /ˈaɪkæn/ EYE-kan) is a nonprofit organization that coordinates the Internet's global domain name system. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) is a department of ICANN responsible for managing the DNS Root and the numbering system for IP addresses.ICANN was created on September 18, 1998, and incorporated on September 30, 1998. It is headquartered in the Playa Vista section of Los Angeles, California.ICANN is responsible for the coordination of maintenance and methodology of several databases of unique identifiers related to the namespaces of the Internet, and ensuring the network's stable and secure operation.
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    • Halloran made ICANN’s first chief data protection officer

      ICANN lifer Dan Halloran has added the title of chief data protection officer to his business card. The long-serving deputy general counsel was named ICANN’s first CDPO on Friday, continuing to report to his current boss, general counsel John Jeffrey. Privacy is currently the hottest topic in the ICANN community, with considerable debate about how contracted parties might ...

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    • Crocker: no date on next new gTLD round

      ICANN will NOT set a date for the next round of new gTLD applications, despite recent pleas from registry operators. That’s according to a letter (pdf) from ICANN chair Steve Crocker to the Registries Stakeholder Group published today. The RySG had asked (pdf) last month for ICANN’s leadership to set a fourth-quarter 2018 deadline for the next application window.

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    • Verisign confirms first price increase under new .net contract

      Verisign is to increase the wholesale price of an annual .net domain registration by 10%, the company confirmed yesterday. It’s the first in an expected series of six annual 10% price hikes permitted under its recently renewed registry agreement with ICANN. The annual price of a .net registration, renewal, or transfer will go up from $8.20 to $9.

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  • HTC dumps its dot-brand

    … Mobile phone manufacturer HTC has become the latest dot-brand operator to get out of the new gTLD game. The $4.3 billion-a-year Taiwanese firm has told ICANN that it no longer wishes to run .htc as a dot-brand registry and ICANN has signaled its intent to terminate the contract. It becomes the 27th dot-brand, from the hundreds that have…

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  • Attendance dips for ICANN in Johannesburg

    … The number of people showing up for ICANN’s latest meeting was down compared to previous meetings, just-released statistics show. The organization reported today that there were 1,353 attendees at the ICANN 59 meeting in Johannesburg last month, down from 1,436 at the comparable Helsinki meeting a year ago. It was also down from the 2,089…

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  • Empowered Community makes first symbolic exercise of power

    … The new “Empowered Community” of ICANN has exercised its power for the first time. The EC on Friday told ICANN that it has approved the ICANN board of directors’ recent resolution to create a new committee tasked with handling various oversight processes. It’s of largely symbolic importance, the first test of whether the EC process works…

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  • Governments slammed for overreach as Amazon wins gTLD appeal

    … Amazon has won its appeal against the rejection of its .amazon gTLD application, in a ruling that criticizes ICANN for giving too much deference to government advice. The Independent Review Process panel’s 2-to-1 ruling, delivered July 11 and published this week, means that .amazon and its Chinese and Japanese translations has been un-rejected…

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  • Junk drop cuts .xyz in half, .top claims volume crown

    …. In that request, XYZ said the new RNV service “will allow XYZ to reenter certain domain name markets”, suggesting that it has not yet regained Chinese government approval to operate there. Tweet Tagged: .xyz, centralnic, china, ICANN, new gTLDs, rnv, rsep, tele-info, xyz.com, zdns …

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  • ICANN gives the nod to Donuts-Rightside merger

    … ICANN has given its consent to the acquisition of Rightside by rival new gTLD registry Donuts, according to the companies. The nod means that one barrier to the $213 million deal has been lifted. Rightside, which is listed on Nasdaq, still needs the majority of its shareholders to agree to the deal and to satisfy other customary closing…

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  • ICANN chair paid $114,000 last year

    … ICANN chair Steve Crocker was paid $114,203.24 in the organization’s last tax year. The number was released today (pdf) in response to a request by domain blogger John Poole of DomainMondo.com. Poole had requested the figures because Crocker is paid via his company, Shinkuro, rather than directly, so his compensation does not show up…

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  • Could the next new gTLD round last 25 years? Or 70 years?

    … applying for, but was talked down by staff. There’s talk of pent-up demand for dot-brands among those companies that missed the 2012 window, but it’s impossible to know the scale of that demand with any precision. Despite the fact that a handful of dot-brands with ICANN registry agreements and delegations have since cancelled their contracts…

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  • ICANN expects to lose 750 registrars in the next year

    … the ownership of just three companies — Web.com (Namejet and SnapNames), Pheenix, and TurnCommerce (DropCatch.com). These companies lay out millions of dollars on accreditation fees in order to game ICANN rules and get more connections to registries — mainly Verisign’s .com. More connections gives them a greater chance of quickly registering…

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  • ICANN shuffles regional bosses, drops “hub” concept

    … ICANN has made a couple of changes to its senior management team and abandoned the Chehade-era concept of “hub” offices. Rather than having three offices it calls “hubs” in different parts of the world — Los Angeles, Istanbul and Singapore — it will now have five of what it calls “regional offices”. As well as the three former hubs, one…

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  • .net price increases approved

    … years of the contract. Assuming the company exercises all six options — and there’s no reason to assume it will not — the price of a .net would be $15.27 by the time the contract expires, $0.75 of which would be paid to ICANN in fees. There was some negative public comment (pdf) about the increases, largely from domainers and those representing…

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  • India to have SIXTEEN ccTLDs

    …, and .ڀارت. If Google Translate and Wikipedia can be trusted, these words all mean “India” in, respectively, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Odia, Arabic, Nepali, Hindi and Sindhi. They were all approved under ICANN’s IDN ccTLD Fast Track program and will not operate under ICANN contract. India already has seven internationalized domain name versions of its…

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  • ICANN heading to Japan and Canada in 2019

    … ICANN has named two of the host cities for its 2019 public meetings. The community will descend upon Kobe, Japan in March 2019 for the first meeting of the year and will head to Montreal, Canada, for the annual general meeting in November. Both locations were approved by the ICANN board of directors at a meeting this weekend. The location…

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  • As .boots self-terminates, ICANN will not redelegate it

    … The dot-brand .boots may become the first single-dictionary-word gTLD to be taken off the market, as The Boots Company told ICANN it no longer wishes to be a registry. Boots, the 168-year-old British pharmacy chain, told ICANN in April that it is unilaterally terminating its Registry Agreement for .boots and ICANN opened it up for comment…

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  • Zero registrars pass ICANN audit

    … Some of the biggest names in the registrar game were among a bewildering 100% that failed an ICANN first-pass audit in the latest round of random compliance checks. Of the 55 registrars picked to participate in the audit, a resounding 0 passed the initial audit, according to data released today. Among them were recognizable names including…

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