Icann 51

  • For only the second time, ICANN tells the GAC to get stuffed

    … ICANN’s board of directors has decided to formally disagree with its Governmental Advisory Committee for what I believe is only the second time in the organization’s history. In a letter to new GAC chair Thomas Schneider today, ICANN chair Steve Crocker took issue with the fact that the GAC recently advised the board to cut the GNSO from…

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  • Two-letter domains to be released in new gTLDs

    … Registry Agreement The procedure will have to take into account the advice of the Governmental Advisory Committee issued at the end of last week’s ICANN 51 meeting in Los Angeles. But that advice merely asks that governments are informed when a registry requests the release of two-character names. All two-character strings were initially reserved…

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  • Another ICANN director mysteriously quits

    … ICANN director Olga Madruga-Forti unexpectedly quit the board last week. ICANN did not give an explanation for her sudden departure, which came toward the end of the ICANN 51 public meeting in Los Angeles. The Argentinian telco lawyer’s resignation means she will miss the third and final year of her appointed three-year term. Her decision…

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  • GAC elects Swiss rep as new chair

    … to 37. He will take over from Canadian incumbent Heather Dryden at the end of the week. Schneider is deputy head of international affairs at the Swiss Federal Office of Communications (Ofcom). He currently serves as one of the GAC’s three vice chairs. The election was overseen by the Australian Continuous Improvement Group, which provides the GAC…

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  • Governments totally cool with two-letter domains

    … ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee does not plan to advise against the release of two-character domain names in new gTLDs. In fact, judging by a GAC discussion at ICANN 51 in Los Angeles yesterday, the governments of many major nations are totally cool with the idea. Under the standard Registry Agreement for new gTLD registries, all two…

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  • “Send registrars to jail!”, ICANN hears

    ICANN is ramping up its focus on contractual compliance in the midst of calls for domain industry offenders to “go to jail”. CEO Fadi Chehade yesterday revealed that he has has promoted chief contracting counsel Allen Grogan to the newly created role of chief contract compliance officer. Grogan, who Chehade has worked with off and on since 1991, will report directly to him.

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  • Fight over ICANN’s $400,000 Hollywood party

    … Corporate sponsors raised $250,000 to fund a $400,000 showbiz gala for ICANN 51 next month, but ICANN pulled the plug after deciding against making up the shortfall. Sources tell DI that the lavish shindig was set to take place at Fox Studios in Los Angeles on October 15, but that ICANN reneged on a commitment to throw $150,000 into the pot…

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  • ICANN board getting three new directors

    … ICANN 51 next month in Los Angeles is also the organization’s formal annual general meeting, and that means changes at the top. The board of directors is replacing three members in October, and renewing the terms of two others. Long-time ICANN participant and internet governance expert Markus Kummer has been selected for a seat by the Non…

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