Icann 52

  • Crocker caught with his pants down, literally, at ICANN 52

    … where the .co market is ... read more handell: Im dealing with same BS. i sold a domain & when I went to transfer it, GD had it on a 60 day lock. No my buyer is ba... read more Tom: .co used to be $29.99, not I see them on sale for $8... read more J. Gerrar: The dismissal participation of Neustar at the recent ICANN Singapore events…

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  • Group forms to stop new gTLDs breaking stuff

    … a tonne of bad advice on the web, with coders telling other coders to validate domains in ways that do not support an expanding root. UASG members think the problem is large-scale and that it’s a long-term project — 10 years or more — to fix it satisfactorily. Members include Donuts, Google, Microsoft, Go Daddy and Afilias. The DNA has started…

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  • Anger as governments delay two-letter domains

    … to registrants who “have the required credentials”. The RySG wants ICANN staff to immediately start approving requests that have passed through the comment process. The GAC says it will discuss the matter further at the ICANN 52 meeting currently going on in Singapore. When RySG members raised the topic at a meeting the with ICANN board yesterday…

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  • Overworked ICANN community “at breaking point”, Chehade warns

    … The volunteers that do the bulk of the policy-development work at ICANN are are suffering from “burnout” and are at “breaking point”, CEO Fadi Chehade said during the opening ceremony of the ICANN 52 public meeting in Singapore today. “This community — we’re hearing this from many of your leaders — is reaching a bit of burnout. And we…

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  • Ebola 1 – ICANN 0 as Marrakech dumped for Singapore

    … it was reconsidering Marrakech due to the worry of African travel restrictions in light of the Ebola virus, which has infected over 13,000 people in West Africa. While Morocco, thousands of kilometers away, has not recorded any cases, there’s concern that large international gatherings, such as the African Cup of Nations or ICANN 52, could import the disease…

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