Icann 57

    • Verisign and Afilias in open war over $135m .web

      Two of the industry’s oldest and biggest gTLD registries escalated their fight over the .web gTLD auction this week, trading blows in print and in public. Verisign, accused by Afilias of breaking the rules when it committed $130 million to secure .web for itself, has now turned the tables on its rival.

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    • Should new gTLDs be first-come, first-served?

      Who needs rounds? The idea of allocating new gTLDs on a first-come, first-served basis is getting some consideration at this week’s ICANN 57 meeting. Such a move could have profound implications on the industry, creating new business opportunities while scuppering others. Whether to shift to a FCFS model was one of many issues discussed during a session today of the GNSO’s ...

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    • Governments mull greater geo gTLD powers

      Governments are toying with the idea of asking ICANN for greater powers over gTLDs that match their geographic features. The names of rivers, mountains, forests and towns could be protected under ideas bandied around at the ICANN 57 meeting in India today. The Governmental Advisory Committee held a session this morning to discuss expanding the list of strings that already e ...

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  • Who are the five new ICANN directors?

    … Administration, she was a key player in ICANN’s creation. Khaled Koubaa Koubaa, a Tunisian, is founder of the Arab World Internet Institute, a non-profit dedicated to improving internet knowledge in the Arab region, and until recently head of Middle-East and North Africa public policy at Google. He was selected by the NomCom. He is also a former…

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  • New policy would ban President Trump from ICANN meetings (probably)

    … Those who sexually harass fellow community members could be banned from ICANN meetings under a policy proposed this week. The proposal greatly expands upon an earlier version, published for comment in May, which would have banned “unwelcome hostile or intimidating behavior”. It presents a long list of activities considered harassment…

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  • Get ready for thousands of new two-letter domains

    … New gTLD registry operators have been given the right to start selling two-letter domains that match country codes. Potentially thousands of names could start being released next year, resulting in a windfall for registries and possible opportunities for investors. Some governments, however, appear to be unhappy with the move and how ICANN’s…

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  • “Shadow content policing” fears at ICANN 57

    … Fears that the domain name industry is becoming a stooge for “shadow regulation” of web content were raised, and greeted very skeptically, over the weekend at ICANN 57. Attendees yesterday heard concerns from non-commercial stakeholders, notably the Electronic Frontier Foundation, that deals such as Donuts’ content-policing agreement…

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  • Ship explosion cost ICANN $700k

    … An explosion on board a cargo ship set ICANN back $700,000, the organization has revealed. The September 1 blast and subsequent fire, which we blogged about two weeks ago, cause equipment heading to ICANN 57 in Hyderabad to be detained by authorities. The explosion, at the port in Munich, was reportedly caused by a welding accident and nobody…

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  • Ship explosion takes ICANN gear out of action

    …, according to ICANN. ICANN had two containers — a 40-footer and 20-footer — on the ship, moving gear from June’s Helsinki meeting to next month’s ICANN 57 in India, ICANN said. The smaller of the two containers was close to the fire and has been “detained” in Germany where it may not be released for months or years. It held “printers, remote…

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  • ICANN diverts from Puerto Rico to India to avoid Zika

    … ICANN team, just as we had to postpone ICANN52 and relocate from Marrakech to Singapore due to the Ebola virus outbreak in 2014. It’s the second of this year’s meetings to be relocated due to Zika. June’s Panama meeting has been moved to Helsinki. ICANN said that the new venue for ICANN 57, which takes place from November 3 to 9 this year…

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  • Helsinki tipped as next ICANN venue

    … ICANN is expected to be heading to Helsinki, Finland, for its next meeting. Director Chris Disspain dropped the name of the host city during a session at the ICANN 55 meeting in Marrakech, Morocco, today. Apparently it’s common knowledge among attendees that the Finnish capital is being lined up as a replacement for the original ICANN 56 venue…

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