iDevice is an unofficial term that can refer to any mobile electronic devices marketed by Apple Inc. whose name start with "i", such as the iPod (including the iPod Touch), iPhone, and iPad. More generally, the term can apply to any devices (sometimes then referred to as iOS devices) that use the iOS operating system (including later versions of the non-portable Apple TV device).
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  • What You Need to Know Before You Update to iOS 8

    … with frustration for you. You may be able to save yourself some headaches by following these tips. Take a few extra steps to update your iDevices to iOS 8 with fewer problems so you can enjoy its new features without regretting your decision. While these suggestions don’t guarantee a successful update experience, they may reduce the chances…

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  • Apple’s Big Day: What It Means for Local Tech

    …, it appears to be pulling back in other areas. For instance, iOS 8 will offer permissions making it possible for a user’s location to be tracked by a specific app only while that app is in use. The iOS 8 could throw a wrench into marketing plans based upon gleaning information from random iPhones within a retail space. The iOS 8 will create a dynamic MAC…

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