• New gTLDs still a crappy choice for email — study

      New gTLDs may not be the best choice of domain for a primary email address, judging by new research. Over 20% of the most-popular web sites do not fully understand email addresses containing long TLDs, and Arabic email addresses are supported by fewer than one in 10 sites, a study by the Universal Acceptance Steering Group has found.

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  • Five million Indian government workers to get IDN email

    …, is in control of no fewer than 16 different ccTLDs in various scripts, with ample room for possible expansion in future. The registry has been offering free IDN domains alongside .in registrations for about a year, according to local reports. There are about two million .in domains registered today, according to the NIXI web site. Tweet Tagged: .in, cctlds, email, idns, india, nixi …

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  • India to have SIXTEEN ccTLDs

    … While most countries are content to operate using a single ccTLD, India is to up its count to an unprecedented 16. It already has eight, but ICANN’s board of directors at the weekend approved the delegation of an additional eight. The new ccTLDs, which have yet to hit the root, are .ಭಾರತ, .ഭാരതം, .ভাৰত, .ଭାରତ, .بارت, .भारतम्, .भारोत…

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  • Forget emojis, you can buy Egyptian hieroglyph .com domains

    …, the world’s oldest known script. Then there’s Imperial Aramaic, Meitei, Kharosthi, ‘Phags-pa, Sylheti Nagari and goodness knows how many other extinct writing systems. It seems .com has been approved for 237 IDN scripts, in total. Let it not be said that Verisign does not offer domainers ample opportunity to spunk their cash on gibberish. No Klingon, though. Tweet Tagged: .com, emojis, hieroglyphs, idns, verisign …

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  • About that $3,800 emoji domain sale…

    … The debate over the age of the emoji domain name ☮.com may have been settled. It probably is as old as it was claimed to be. You may recall that last week I blogged about the €3,400 ($3,816) sale of the domain to an end user. It wasn’t a big sale or a big story, but it’s so rare to see an emoji name sell I thought it was worth a few paragraphs…

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  • Companies losing $10 BILLION by ignoring new gTLDs — report

    … gTLD support means $3.6 billion of activity is lost, with lack of IDN support costing $6.2 billion. Despite “new” gTLDs being around for a decade and a half, there are still plenty of web sites and apps that incorrectly assume that all TLDs are either two or three characters. Others don’t support non-Latin scripts. This leads to internet users…

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