Image Optimisation

  • 11 SEO myths to forget in 2016

    … You may be surprised at how common some SEO myths still are in 2016, so it’s definitely time to leave them behind. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner at SEO, it’s always useful to compile all the myths you read about, so you can work out for yourself the ones you actually need to be worried about. What would you add to this list of the most…

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  • Images: three optimisation tips to help speed up your site

    … People like fast websites and so does Google. In fact, your website’s speed is a ranking factor in Google search engine results. If your site loads quickly, it’s more likely to appear when people search for your brand. This along with the knowledge that a fast site provides a better user experience (UX), means that a faster website can lead…

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  • Nine SEO techniques that take less than 15 minutes

    … I know. It’s the 21st century equivalent of ‘8 minute abs’. But bear with me on this… Search engine optimisation should be an ongoing process, mixing technical on-page techniques with quality content, good old fashioned marketing, plenty of research, tonnes of planning, masses of testing and all the while taking into account searcher intent…

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