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For a related term coined by Seth Godin, see Permission marketing. For the product management sense of Inbound Marketing, see Product management.Inbound marketing is promoting a company through blogs, podcasts, video, eBooks, enewsletters, whitepapers, SEO, social media marketing, and other forms of content marketing which serve to bring customers in closer to the brand, where they want to be. In contrast, buying attention, cold-calling, direct paper mail, radio, TV advertisements, sales flyers, spam, telemarketing and traditional advertising are considered "outbound marketing".
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  • 3 Misconceptions I Had About The Marketing World Before I Joined It

    … When I used to think of marketing, I used to picture the scene in the 1992 movie Boomerang. Marcus Graham (played by Eddie Murphy) and his brand and design team are in a big, official New York skyline boardroom. They’re brainstorming ideas to brand, launch, and market Helen Strangés’ (played by Grace Jones) new perfume. However, she wants none…

    The IMPACT Blog- 9 readers -
  • 💧 Drip Campaigns: 4 Simple Factors to Make Them Work

    …A main component of what makes inbound marketing work is the email drip campaign. Drip campaigns can be referred to as lead nurturing campaigns or workflows. Basically, a drip campaign is an automated schedule of emails (drips if you will) sent out to sales prospects at specified times, with the intention of guiding them through the buyer’s…

    Roman Kniahynyckyj/ Inbound Marketing Blog- 6 readers -
  • Naked Marketing: Reviews Show The Emperor’s Clothes

    … You have given time, effort, and money in hopes of making your business solution flawless. Your product has the perfect marketing strategy and a flawless sales pitch. Your service providers are well-trained, consistent, yet personable, and excited about making a difference for a company. Your company’s future is looking bright and you are ready [...] The post Naked Marketing: Reviews Show The Emperor’s Clothes appeared first on Search Engine People Blog. …

    Search Engine People Blog- 7 readers -
  • It’s time to put an end to an era of lazy marketing

    … I had an opportunity to attend the outstanding Marketing Profs B2B Forum and witness a truly tour-de-force speech by my friend and podcast co-host Tom Webster. Although we had mentioned this talk in a previous podcast episode, I had not seen Tom’s presentation and I found his insights to be remarkable and very relevant to marketing today. I…

    {grow}- 7 readers -
  • 6 Productivity Tips for Marketers Working Remotely

    … Many marketing agencies are moving in the direction of more flexibility and freedom when it comes to working remotely. Many at-home workers report they are more productive when working from home than when working in a traditional office environment. The benefits for companies and individuals are many, but working from home can bring its own set…

    Roman Kniahynyckyj/ Inbound Marketing Blog- 18 readers -
  • An Organic Approach to Marketing and Customer Care

    … in just about any supermarket you visit. It’s interesting that our relationship with food changed as access to information grew. By using a little bit of common sense, we (as shoppers) have been able to overcome what was once conventional thinking around nutrition. I think a parallel shift might be taking place in the world of digital marketing…

    Randy Milanovic/ KAYAK ONLINE MARKETING BLOG - 14 readers -
  • Your Professional Services Lead Generation Tactics Must Change

    … of the inbound lead generation process. The dirty secret that most marketing agencies won't tell you is that takes time for content marketing to work. It takes time to build domain authority for Google to index the content you're producing and start sharing it with qualified buyers. That doesn't mean you shouldn't be doing content marketing - every day…

    John Beveridge/ The Inbound Growth Blog- 29 readers -
  • 23 Mind Blowing Real Estate Marketing Statistics: 2017 Update

    … Our 2016 post for “28 Eye-Popping Real Estate Marketing Statistics” is a popular post among Home Builders and Real Estate companies. There is no doubt that internet marketing is necessary to attract home buyers and sellers. Here is an update to our previous post based on the most recently released stats. The sources are referenced by number…

    Paveya- 27 readers -
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