• G-Lock Apps Review

    … G-Lock Apps is an email deliverability tool that was built to find out exactly why emails get blocked or filtered, why it happens and how to fix it so that the user can continue to send emails while maximizing all of the benefits that go with it. G-Lock Apps started out precisely because of the question “Why are my Emails going to spam…

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  • Pinterest Revamps Inbox

    … in a blog post that the new inbox is rolling out to all users over the next few days, and he provided more details on the changes: We’ve removed the You tab and moved all the notifications you used to find there over to your News tab. We’ve also combined some of the notifications themselves, so instead of 8 kajillion individual “so-and-so liked your…

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  • Google Inbox Video Tutorial

    … exacerbate this problem, but Google have offered a re-imagined email experience, called Inbox, that to me at least has made managing emails much easier. Watch today’s video to see just how I use this new client to maintain ‘inbox zero’. It has the power to revolutionise your email management completely! Remember to click/tap on the right link to get the best viewing experience for your device. Watch the mobile friendly version here. The post Google Inbox Video Tutorial appeared first on Plus Your Business. …

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  • What’s your influence beyond the inbox?

    … Historically, email success has been measured in terms of driving traffic, CTR and engagement with the ultimate goal of converting a reader into a customer; ideally, a loyal customer. But what we’re finding over time is that small action taken by a customer within the window of their inbox is only one aspect of influence a brand has when communicating…

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  • Facebook’s ‘Other’ Folder Makes No Sense

    … realizes how entirely useless this folder is and plans to kill it off. Wait, what “other” folder? Exactly. On your personal Facebook profile (not business page), if you click the messages icon from the list on the left … … you’ll see all of the latest chats you’ve had with friends. But look more carefully and, to the right of where it says “inbox…

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  • How to Get Your Email into The Inbox

    … and irrelevant marketers from infiltrating their users’ in-boxes. So, with that battle against irrelevance raging on, many email marketing messages get confused or wrongly identified as spam and therefore never actually reach the intended recipients, even if they’ve opted-in to your list. Therefore, the number one challenge for email marketers…

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