• Save Time and Effort With Facebook Saved Audiences

    … and foremost, know your audiences and document them on an Excel sheet. This may seem like a “duh” statement, but when you are targeting females age 25 through 45, you want to know what their interests, behaviors, buying habits, etc. are so that you can create a custom audience and feel comfortable that it is different than your females age 45 through 65…

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  • 79 Percent of Online Americans Use Facebook (Study)

    … percent of those with high school degrees or less. In terms of annual household income, 45 percent of online adults at $75,000 or more are on LinkedIn, versus 21 percent of those at below $30,000. 35 percent of employed online adults use LinkedIn, versus 17 percent of those not employed for pay. Pinterest: 45 percent of online women use Pinterest, more than double the 17 percent of men. Readers: Did any of Pew’s findings surprise you? …

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  • 5 Signs of a Weak Social Media Campaign

    …. This means you will end up whittling your focus to a narrow but ideal number of leads. These leads should be qualified by some of the following criteria: Demographics: Use factors like income bracket, age group, educational qualifications, job role and location to determine this. A perfect tool is Facebook Audience Insights. Psychographics: While…

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  • How Bloggers Can Survive This Economic Recession

    … companies will help you build your portfolio and help you become a more confident writer. Diversify Your Income While there will be times that guest blogging post opportunities might become scarce, there are things freelance writers can do to maintain their income. Business2Community recommends doing things, such as writing an ebook or creating webinars in your area of expertise. For more great tips on how you can continue making money during this economic recession, head on over to Business2Community. …

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  • How to Build a Profitable Website in 2015 in the Best Niche Online

    … income never really amount to anything. The Scenario for the Rest of This Post What I want to show in today’s blog post is how I scour the web to look for opportunities around my passions. It’s my hope that you can take the following advice and insights and apply them to the industry that you personally find the most interesting and exciting in 2015…

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  • Does Height Really Determine Career Success?

    … confidence-accelerating years, and they go on to successful adult careers with poise. They go on to take more risks and get better gigs. Once again, success has more to do with our ability to be bold enough to be proactive, to think and act differently, and to step up to the plate than is does with outside attributes. This is great news. It means…

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  • 5 Skills Bloggers Need To Become Freelancers

    … Does blogging pay the bills? For many blessed bloggers, the answer is yes. The luckiest bloggers can make enormous incomes if they work hard enough. For most of us, making a living just with our blogs and related activities (ebooks and other products) doens’t quite pay the bills. If it does, there isn’t much left over for the fun things in life…

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