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  • Content Recommendations Increase Conversions and Extend Content Shelf Life

    … In her article, “How Content Recommendation Creates Better User Experience,” Kaylee Baxter explained very clearly how content recommendations greatly improves user experience. I couldn’t agree more. Providing users a personalized content experience is equivalent to a librarian that knows your taste, and every time you visit the library, she…

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  • 25 eCommerce Conversion Hacks [Infographic]

    …, according to a report on Internet Retailer. The rest of them fail to cross the $1,000 benchmark in annual sales. This may intrigue you as to why only such a meager percentage of eCommerce setups ever really succeed. There can be endless reasons, but the most significant one is the business’s inability to leverage on the process of conversion optimization…

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  • Increase Your Conversion Rates through Social Proof

    … are all critical on commerce sites because they provide the shopper with a sense that they’re working with a good company that will deliver on their promise. There’s more that you can do, though! Notify is the online equivalent of a busy retail store, delivering social proof to everyone who visits your site. This social proof can often boost…

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  • Rethink Social Media’s Impact on Traffic and Commerce

    … coming in through the side door, it’s time to start focusing on optimizing other pages besides just your homepage and checkout page before it’s too late. InstartLogic offers an application delivery platform that leverages machine learning to optimize performance and utilizes a CDN for delivery. With a continuous system that intelligently learns the application behavior, performance optimizations will be smarter, not harder, and you can spend more time improving the customer experience across the front door and side door. …

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  • How to Master the Art & Science of Ecommerce Conversion

    … Published 1 min ago 19 Ecommerce conversion success is an art, as well as a science. Nearly everything is important for success in ecommerce—from pricing to how fast your pages load to the quality of your images. And yet, success seems evasive to most. Here are some easy tricks to master the art, as well as decipher the scientific…

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  • 4 Reasons Why Content Personalization Is Effective

    … Content Promotion, Owned Media, Paid Media Content personalization increases conversion rates, boosts lead generation and cuts cost per leads. It might be intuitive to believe a personalized message is more effective than a one-size-fits-all message, but intuition isn’t the driving force here – the data is. At BrightInfo, we have offered…

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  • Test Your Call to Action to Boost Conversions by 13%

    …, let’s move on. Hubspot’s Call to Action Test As mentioned above, Hubspot tested their call to action and saw a 13% increase in conversions. Here’s their test: “HubSpot tested the shape and style of our demo CTA to see which performed better. The CTA shaped like a button (on the right) rather than the CTA that included a sprocket image (left) performed…

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  • 3 Underused Persuasion Techniques You Should Be Using on Your Landing Pages

    … for Visual Website Optimizer, studied several A/B tests on landing pages that tested the impact of human photos on conversions. Though he offered several disclaimers, his conclusion was that “human photos on a website definitely have a positive impact on a visitor’s first impression of trustworthiness.” Peer-reviewed studies have come to the same…

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