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    • 4 Simple Hacks to Help Your Website Make More Money

      If you’re a small business owner or you’re just starting out, you will find it hard to part with lots of money when creating and maintaining your website. And you might wonder how you are going to help your website increase its revenue. Thanks to the invention of drag and drop website builders, actually getting your site off the ground is now quick and simple.

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  • Just Released: Constant Contact’s Official Shopify App

    … and increase sales with targeted sales emails. Introducing the official Constant Contact for Shopify app This week, we’re excited to announce a brand new app to help you connect your online store and email marketing. Get started right away! Get the Constant Contact for Shopify app here. Constant Contact for Shopify will help you manage your customer…

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  • 3 Creative Ways to Increase Sales for Your Business

    …, as a buyer, are so utterly turned off, that you vow to never be pushy when it comes to selling your own products and services. Sales may have a negative connotation, but it doesn’t always have to be so direct and intrusive. How can you increase sales without being too pushy? Use these three creative ideas: 1. Ask for referrals For as long…

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  • 5 Effective Ways Your Business Can Sell on Pinterest

    … methods like magazines and catalogs. And they’re going directly to the websites of their favorite stores. Two-thirds of all pins created are from business websites. If you’re not using Pinterest to promote your products, you are potentially losing out on a lot of sales. But if you’re late to the Pinterest game, don’t worry. Now is a great time…

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  • How PhoneBurner Can Help You Quadruple Your Productivity

    … people need to call a large number of people in as little time as possible. One of them is sales. And a solution that is streamlining how people in sales do their jobs is PhoneBurner, a power dialer that reduces delays and increases engagement. Brothers John and Paul Rydell cofounded the company, motivated by a desire to help salesmen and women do…

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  • How to Optimize Your Site for Conversions

    … are essentially failing because you won’t be making any sales. If your customers convert, however, then you are growing your client base and increasing your assets. A primary purpose of any technology is arguably to simplify life and to make it more efficient. In the realm of ecommerce, business owners certainly have an interest in making…

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  • The Phone Flank: Your Secret Weapon to Winning New Sales

    … As I sat on a sales and marketing panel last week, the question came up, “How do I get through to my prospects? Should I email them or call them?” The audience member sat down, and I blurted out, “Phone Flank! Use the phone flank!” It was as if I was looking out at a herd of deer staring back into my high beams. “The Phone Flank is a strategic…

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  • Your 2016 Email Marketing Planning Calendar

    … So far, in our new series for retailers, How to Increase Sales with Email Marketing, we’ve shared some tools to help you find your email marketing opportunities for the year. Today, you can use the marketing opportunities you identified to fill out your 2016 Email Marketing Planning Calendar. Get started by printing out the calendar. Next…

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  • Find Your Email Marketing Opportunities for 2016

    … series of emails and the dates they need to go out for each promotion. Stop by the blog tomorrow to get your 2016 Email Marketing Planning Calendar. We’ll provide you with a 12-page calendar and some advice for how to plan and schedule your email marketing month-by-month. There’s just one last thing. Planning a year’s worth of email marketing…

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