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  • How to Optimize Your Site for Conversions

    … statement on the list guarantees a 25-year warranty. Starting with a reason pertaining to security is smart because it appeals to the pain point of uncertainty. Other advantages listed are the variety of the company’s products, the offer of design advice for customers, and the wide range of shipping locations. The rest of the slides…

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  • The Phone Flank: Your Secret Weapon to Winning New Sales

    … of Emperor Julius Caesar. It’s 48 BC, and our Roman forces are facing the army of Pompey in the Battle of Pharsalus. We’re outnumbered four to one, but we are in friendly territory. (In business, we are outnumbered by competitors, but the digital identity we create through our website, landing pages, and email marketing campaigns is what generates…

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  • Your 2016 Email Marketing Planning Calendar

    … So far, in our new series for retailers, How to Increase Sales with Email Marketing, we’ve shared some tools to help you find your email marketing opportunities for the year. Today, you can use the marketing opportunities you identified to fill out your 2016 Email Marketing Planning Calendar. Get started by printing out the calendar. Next…

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  • Find Your Email Marketing Opportunities for 2016

    … Last week, we announced a new series of virtual workshops and resources for retailers: How to Increase Sales with Email Marketing. As part of this series, we’ll be releasing new worksheets and holding virtual workshops to help you get your email marketing done in as little as 15 minutes at a time. In this post, you’ll find the first resources…

    Miranda Paquet/ Constant Contactin EMail- 24 readers -
  • 7 Ways to Boost Your Business and Income in 2016!

    … still haven’t created a blog for your business, you need one to boost your success in 2016. 3 – Build a list One of the ways to create a marketplace where you have full control is to build a list. Once you have an email list made up of targeted subscribers, you can always tab into it for traffic, sales, opinions, etc. There are many ways…

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  • 3 Ways to Get Your Product in Stores and In Front of Buyers

    … Does your small business sell a product or service that needs to get in front of a larger audience, or find its way into more stores? Maybe you’re trying to sell it online right now, but you just aren’t connecting with customers. You’ve tried search engine optimization (SEO) and maybe even Adwords in your small business, but the search volume…

    Susan Solovic/ Constant Contact- 9 readers -
  • 7 Tactics to Increase Your Holiday Shopping Sales

    … of showroomers and provide a mobile-only offering to keep the purchase within your store! Speaking of mobile, be sure to deploy mobile-ready coupons. Texting clubs are still a great way to push discounts to your customers, start one and offer some coupons throughout the holidays. Take advantage of the shopping season and start a long-term sweepstakes for your email subscribers so they stay subscribed and active on the offer emails you’re sending out. © 2014 DK New Media. …

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  • Create product autoresponders to sell more

    … for the sale and restate its value, including a testimonials from other customers. You can probably find all that you need on your sales page. Day 7: Ask how they like the product, and suggest some further resources. For example, suggest that they go to your blog and do a search for related topics. Day 10: Link to other related products and provide…

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