Increasing Conversions

  • 9 Proven Ways to Boost Your Website’s Conversion Rate

    … When it comes to increasing website revenue, most people think that they need to increase their website traffic. While increasing traffic seems to be a good idea, having an impressive amount of it will not guarantee that your website will make a greater profit. What then should you do to increase your site’s income? The answer is simple; you…

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  • How to Optimize Your Site for Conversions

    … are essentially failing because you won’t be making any sales. If your customers convert, however, then you are growing your client base and increasing your assets. A primary purpose of any technology is arguably to simplify life and to make it more efficient. In the realm of ecommerce, business owners certainly have an interest in making…

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  • The 5 Reasons Why Cold Pitching is the Best Complement to Your Social Media Strategy

    … the chance to turn your diligence into an automatic conversion. Remember that cold pitching and pursuing potential clients takes patience. For example, the 4-email campaign could take the following amount of time: 2nd: three days after the 1st email 3rd: a week after the 2nd email 4th: a week after the 3rd email You should put your follow-up…

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  • Getting More Clicks and Conversions with Display Advertising

    … before they decide to purchase it. End-of-post CTAs at Make A Living Writing are a good example in this sense: Photobucket‘s very alluring banner is also effective: And take a look at their landing pages. They flow directly from the banner ad, as if you were turning a page of the same book. “The process needs to be seamless”, explains David…

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  • How to Master the Art & Science of Ecommerce Conversion

    Published 1 min ago 19 Ecommerce conversion success is an art, as well as a science. Nearly everything is important for success in ecommerce—from pricing to how fast your pages load to the quality of your images. And yet, success seems evasive to most. Here are some easy tricks to master the art, as well as decipher the scientific rationales behind ecommerce conversion.

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  • Driving Quality Leads: Better Than Going Viral

    …, while secondary goals include driving engagement, increasing visibility, and building trust. Your blog often captures the attention of individuals at the top of the marketing funnel, near the awareness stage, which presents an opportunity for your business to actively try to convert these readers into leads to engage with later. Here are some tips…

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