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    • Why Your Marketing Firm Should Specialize in an Industry

      My journey started off a bit different than most. Six and a half years ago I decided to get sober. In my newfound sobriety, I started writing a blog. I didn’t tell anyone about it—I just started writing. It was an outlet of sorts, a way to express myself without anyone listening. That blog changed my life.

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    • PB158: Feeling Stuck? Here’s How to Get Moving Again

      Feeling Stuck? How to Regain Momentum Are you feeling stuck with some area of your blogging or business life? If so, today’s episode is for you because I’m going to talk about getting unstuck and building momentum. What we are going to talk about today applies to many areas of life, but we are going to focus particularly on blogging and business.

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  • Business Growth Starts with Defining the Term: Entrepreneur

    … Business Growth Starts with Defining the Term: Entrepreneur September 29, 2016 By M. Rafiq Leave a Comment I HATE the term “entrepreneur”. Yes, it perfectly describes what I do for a living. But, it’s so over-used and misapplied to people that are little more than unemployed enthusiasts. To understand what really makes a start-up grow…

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  • PB131: How to Conduct a Half Yearly Blog Review

    …? Productivity How do you use your time? Workflows What takes the most time? Time tool like RescueTime You How are you traveling? How are you going? Do we ask ourselves this question? How are you going with your blogging, but your life as well? Physical, spiritual, mental, your energy levels and passion Do you need a break…

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  • Choosing the Right Tablet for Blogging and Writing On the Go

    … Choosing the Right Tablet for Blogging and Writing On the Go March 24, 2016 By Deborah Anderson Leave a Comment Whether I’m working from home, the nearest coffee shop, or the office, I’ve been lugging my beloved laptop wherever I go. Then, while I was sitting at my favorite bistro the other day, I saw a woman pull a tablet out of her…

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  • Solving Pesky Computer Issues for Bloggers and Social Media Marketers

    … It happens to all of us. We mind our own business (don’t we always) and we are just going to meet that deadline and realize that some malware pop-up is warning us that it needs our attention. We have to drop everything to find out what it is all about (and, fortunately, it has been handled by our malware tool). Well, at least we hope it has been…

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  • The Evolution of Enterprise Mobility [Infographic]

    … The Evolution of Enterprise Mobility [Infographic] January 25, 2016 By Ashar Samdani Leave a Comment The Evolution of Enterprise Mobility Infographic breaks down the world of Enterprise Mobility. From what Enterprise Mobility is to which industries are taking advantage of it to what the future holds – this infographic gives the lowdown…

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  • Is Creating Invoices Painful? How to Make it Easy

    … It always surprises me that small businesses and freelancers are still creating invoices manually because there are free invoicing solutions available that work much better. Simply creating the invoices isn’t the important part. Tracking whether you’ve been paid or not is! While we can send invoices in PayPal and it has some elementary tracking…

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  • How Systems Can Help You Overcome Your Small Business Woes

    … Congratulations! You just got a new client. Now all you have to do is set up a contract, create an invoice – oh wait, you forgot to get their billing address – send the invoice, share payment options, collect the payment, set up a new project in your system, grant project access to your client… Ugh. After all of that, it feels like you’re already…

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  • How to Make Your Workspace More Efficient and Organized

    … to do with improving efficiency. However, studies have actually shown that the mere presence of bright colors have an impact on the human health and psyche. Pink, for example, has been shown to produce a calming effect and repress angry emotions. As mentioned, don’t make the office so monotonous and formal. You and your colleagues likely face enough…

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