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    • The Challenges of Funding Your Business for Growth

      At first glance, it might seem as though money is the biggest challenge to funding your business for growth. Funding is one of the main obstacles that keep businesses from scaling. And sure, money is a big part of the problem. Either you don’t have the money or you can’t find people to invest in your business. But in plenty of cases, money is not the only reason you’re having trouble scaling.

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    • How to Empower Your Workforce to Succeed – 4 Simple Steps

      Your workforce is the driving power behind your business. You might be the sales gun funnelling work into your company and overseeing operations. But without an efficient and empowered staff, your services might begin to fall flat. This could result in a lack of ongoing work and a less than satisfied client base.

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  • Why All Employers Should Offer Novated Leases to Staff

    … Are you looking for ways to recognise your employees’ hard work? If you haven’t tried offering them novated leases, you should consider doing so. Employers can offer raises or bonuses to employees as incentives for them to reach sales targets and conversion goals. Such motivators are great for boosting productivity, but they come at a large…

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  • 5 Tips to Help You Consume Content More Productively

    … more productive to focus on content topics that will help you reach your blogging goal(s) for the year. For example, if your goal is to increase newsletter subscribers then subscribing to podcasts and blogs that share content on this topic would be beneficial, as would reading books or listening to audiobooks that share list-building strategies…

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  • 4 Goal-Setting Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Bottom Line

    … Clear and proper goal-setting is instrumental in business growth. Goals allow a company to identify realistic growth rates, clarify areas in need of improvement, and move toward continued success. Photo by When it comes to goal setting, we often find the best advice by looking at what we shouldn’t do. Understanding what not to do can…

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  • Increase Productivity by Instilling a Culture of Focus in Your Workplace

    … There is no replacement for a skilled, dedicated workforce. But making minor changes to how you structure a workday can have an extremely positive impact on the level of productivity and focus across your business. Attempting to grow a small business can be a real challenge, particularly if you have no notable management or hiring experience…

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  • 4 Reasons Why Project Management Can Help You Grow

    … It is important for every business, regardless of its size, to run its operations as effectively as possible. This is why project management is critical. Project management sounds easy. Just implement project management software and keep track of the projects, and you are on track. But it’s not! Successful project management requires a team…

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  • How to Grow Your Online Business With These Powerful Tools

    … to catch the eyes of potential customers. The key to any successful business is to use the right tools to improve your productivity, meet the needs of your audience, and target your audience members so they do business with you. In this article, I will show you how to make use of the latest marketing and analytics tools in order to grow your online…

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  • Inspiring the Writer in You to Think Larger Than Life

    … and to try to catch it before everyone else does. However, what do you do when there is nothing new happening? Or what if there is so much happening that your hard work as a writer is lost in all of the noise? Ask yourself: what inspires you? What is supposed to inspire you? Or are you supposed to be inspired at all? Observations from Those Around Us…

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  • 7 Evergreen Tips to Beat Telecommuting Blues

    … Telecommuting is on the rise and we’re not surprised! Photo by Jeff Sheldon The popularity of teleworking can be attributed to its various benefits, which include saved time and money, reduced downtime, increased productivity, and decreased attrition rates. Those are its benefits are from an employer’s point of view. From an employee’s…

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  • 5 Ways to Manage Increases in Deal Flow

    … The sales pipeline is at the core of all things related to company revenue. The sales pipeline is a visual representation of your team’s opportunities and is the process of taking strangers, nurturing them, and turning them into buying customers. To maximize your conversions, it’s imperative you learn how to manage your leads. While it would…

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  • 190: How to Overcome Failure in 6 Steps

    …How to Move Through Failure in 6 Steps In today’s lesson, I want to talk about failure in business and how to move through it. I’ve been asked questions on this topic a number of times in the last few weeks and while it’s a topic most of us probably don’t want to have to learn about – it’s something that we all will need to deal with at one point…

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  • Want to Write Faster? 12 Hacks to Help Speed You Up

    … won’t mind procrastinating or taking multiple breaks, hence reducing your productivity. Your progress will be much slower than if you had set a goal. It could take you one whole day to complete something that you could have finished in just an hour’s time. So the next time you write, try to set a timer so you have a goal to meet. 3. Get Your Blood…

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  • 182: How to Use MindMaps in your Blogging

    …How to Create MindMaps for your Blogging In today’s lesson, I want to talk about one of my favorite techniques in business for organising my thoughts, helping me to review, plan and organise my business and to think creatively and generate loads of ideas. Today’s episode is about Mind Mapping. I want to talk about what mind maps are but more…

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  • 181: How to Overcome the Challenges of Being a Solo Entrepreneur

    … an excellent resource for solo-business owners called Soloism. I chatted with Robert earlier today, and I asked him about some of the biggest challenges I see in our community of solo-entrepreneurs. We talk about productivity, focus, loneliness, personal development, motivation, feeling overwhelmed and how to get through times when things don’t seem…

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  • Top Tips for Cutting Back on Entertainment Expenses

    … Have you been looking at your bank account balance at the end of each month and wondering where your money is? Obviously bills can sneak up on us and accumulate quickly. But did you know that entertainment expenses tend to be something that people spend an awful lot on as well? You might only spend a few dollars here and a few dollars there…

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