Independent Businesses

In business, an independent business as a term of distinction generally refers to privately owned companies (as opposed to those companies owned publicly through a distribution of shares on the market). Independent businesses most commonly take the form of sole-proprietorships. "Independent" is frequently used to distinguish one-of-a-kind businesses from corporate chains or conglomerates. Other terms of distinction used in addition to independent businesses include small business, locally-owned business and startup business, which have varying subtleties of distinction.Independents sometimes are referred to as Indies.
Posts about Independent Businesses
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    … Tweet it! Wouldn’t it be nice if your customers came with a manual? Whenever you buy something new, it often comes with a manual. Something that let’s the owner know how to care for it for best results. Your milk has a label that tells you to keep it refrigerated. Your shirt has a tag that tells you how to keep it looking so fresh and so clean…

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