Individualized Marketing

  • Individualized Marketing: Myths vs. Realities

    … Published 1 min ago 38 We live in an age of distraction, and it’s never been more difficult to capture the attention of consumers. You can do it, though – if you stop marketing and start connecting with your customers one-to-one using individualized insights. As I’ve mentioned before, individualized insights are made possible by data…

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  • Personalization Isn’t the Future of Marketing

    … individualized insights to drive more meaningful marketing will begin to separate pretenders from contenders as we move into the future. The only way to make the jump, though, is to look at implementing a data-driven marketing solution. Employing a steadfast marketing automation tool will help to transform your internal marketing processes, your customer communications and your digital marketing strategy from one of personalization to true individualization. …

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  • 3 Secrets to Marketing Strategy Success

    … that you simply must consume more of the ongoing story. Strategically generating content across all platforms that works together to tell a complete brand story is the essence of marketing. Product brochures, thought leadership videos, slide presentations, social media, the website and all aspects of a brand’s online presence should be stimulating…

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  • Advertising on Jerseys: Strategic Marketing Or Useless Clutter?

    … Published 1 min ago 25 Ever since I can remember, I have been a huge basketball fan. And I like the game just the way it is! If advertising in NASCAR on driver uniforms and cars are any indication, then the soon-to-be-implemented NBA jersey ads will eventually become a trademark of the sport. By as early as 2017, we may start to see…

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