Individualized Marketing

  • Individualized Marketing: Myths vs. Realities

    … Published 1 min ago 38 We live in an age of distraction, and it’s never been more difficult to capture the attention of consumers. You can do it, though – if you stop marketing and start connecting with your customers one-to-one using individualized insights. As I’ve mentioned before, individualized insights are made possible by data…

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  • Personalization Isn’t the Future of Marketing

    …. Plainly, personalization as we’re used to is simply making customers numb. Personalized marketing is not dead – it’s still a viable and valuable perspective to use as a starting point. And, granted, some personalization is better than none at all. But moving your marketing strategy into the future means adapting your approach from one of personalization…

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  • 3 Secrets to Marketing Strategy Success

    Published 1 min ago 37 Thousands of brands across the globe are experimenting with constantly emerging and spicy new marketing tactics and trends. Some of these tactics work well, or at least they do for a short amount of time. But some offer no measurable return on marketing investment or, unfortunately, yield no real results at all.

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  • Advertising on Jerseys: Strategic Marketing Or Useless Clutter?

    … brands advertising on NBA jerseys in the form of mini 2.5” x 2.5” patches. More or less accepting this impending change (to advertising and to my favorite game), it raises several interesting questions. Where Should the Buck Stop? Marketers have long used both mass marketing techniques as well as experiential strategies. However, using individualized…

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