Individualized Marketing

  • Individualized Marketing: Myths vs. Realities

    …-driven marketing—the strategy of collecting, connecting and analyzing large amounts of online and offline data, so that cross-channel insights can be used to create interactions tailored to each customer, at his or her point of need and in real-time. Our research showed that nine out of the 10 marketers we surveyed consider individualized marketing…

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  • Personalization Isn’t the Future of Marketing

    … individualized insights to drive more meaningful marketing will begin to separate pretenders from contenders as we move into the future. The only way to make the jump, though, is to look at implementing a data-driven marketing solution. Employing a steadfast marketing automation tool will help to transform your internal marketing processes, your customer communications and your digital marketing strategy from one of personalization to true individualization. …

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  • 3 Secrets to Marketing Strategy Success

    … already on the hook than to convince him to bite the bait. Catching your customers at the right moment is about understanding and using the promise of individualized insights enabled by a truly data-driven marketing strategy. It’s about sharing – not necessarily sending – relevant, useful information with them. Is she waking up in the morning…

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  • Advertising on Jerseys: Strategic Marketing Or Useless Clutter?

    …? I’ve never been a proponent of mass marketing for the sake of mass marketing, but I get it—big brands see an opportunity to get their name out there in the spotlight, and why not? Who can resist? But it’s not real-time marketing, certainly not data-driven and it’s not strategic marketing, either. And if the NBA adopts such a policy, it won’t…

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