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  • How The Blockchain Will Change Digital Marketing

    …If you’re like most people you probably think of Bitcoin when you hear the word “blockchain.” While Bitcoin was the first application of blockchain technology, the fundamental principle of how “digital ledgers” work has many more applications than just cryptocurrency. One which I’m keen on watching unfold is the potential use in digital marketing…

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  • Comparing Google Home to Google Search

    … is chock-full of facts. I could see Google Home even stopping arguments with your significant other before they even begin. The unit itself a lot smaller than I thought it would be. It isn’t much taller than a highly-prized canned pint of Master Shredder from The Veil: stupid leaf. Alright, by now you’ve learned Voice Search results…

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  • 5 Viral Ideas That Demand Dedicated Servers

    … are getting younger and those with beards grow exceptionally affluent (as reflected by industry data). Young men (and women) head to the site to purchase beard-startup kits designed for content marketing, SEO, SEM, digital marketing, inbound marketing, just marketing, and (the next term defining what workers may or may not be doing…while wearing…

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