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  • R.I.P. Journalism: Why 2016 Sucked for Digital News

    … 2016 was an interesting year for journalism, to say the very least. It was a year of closures, acquisitions, layoffs (lots and lots of layoffs), reinvention and reorganization. Why? Because very few have cracked the code on how to make digital news profitable. Publishers are facing two major issues when it comes to turning digital news…

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  • Cocktails & Content [San Francisco]: What We Learned from Our Panelists

    … On the evening of Thursday, September 29th, we took over The Mezzanine to bring together San Francisco’s brightest marketing minds for a discussion about content marketing – and we enjoyed a few cocktails, too. Our expert panel included: Mark Goines – Chief Marketing Officer & Chief Strategy Officer @ Personal Capital Nanneke Jansen…

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  • Short-form & Long-form: Where They Fit in Your Content Strategy

    … Long-form and short-form content both have their place in a content marketing strategy. Short-form content is a great tool to capture and engage an audience, while long-form educates and informs. However, both types of content have potential downsides. Short-form content can be seen as shallow, and long-form as boring – but they don’t have…

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  • Does Live Video Make Sense for Your Content Marketing Strategy?

    … behind or disenfranchised. Live streams and vanishing videos tap into our collective need to feel part of something – even if that “something” is an exploding watermelon. The rising popularity of live video has given companies an opportunity to get creative and produce content experiences that can’t be missed. They’re using live video to connect…

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  • Cocktails, Content, and Solutions to the Consumer Journey

    … Marketing in the year 2000 is almost unrecognizable from tactics used by marketing teams in 2016, and today’s solutions look almost nothing like best practices used as recently as 2010. Why the major changes? The fact is that people’s schedules are stretched very thin, and there is little time in busy lives for market research. When we describe…

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  • Syndicate Great Euro Content With AFP Sports

    … highlights uploaded by AFP and other publishers as Euro 2016 rolls on. Here’s hoping that all fans remain excited throughout the tournament. The post Syndicate Great Euro Content With AFP Sports appeared first on ScribbleLive - Your Content Marketing Software. …

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  • 7 Commandments For A Good Content Experience

    … It’s no secret that consumers are taking control of what content they choose to see. The makers of the ad blocking software Adblock Plus recently reported that it has over 100 million active users worldwide, and a study by Forbes revealed that only 1% of millennials surveyed would trust a brand based on a compelling advertisement. Marketing…

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