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    • Case Study: Using influencers to quickly build an audience for your content

      By Mark Schaefer Shawn Van Dyke was in a heap of trouble. His wife had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. His job running a small construction company afforded a lot of flexibility, but didn’t provide the medical benefits he needed to cover his rising bills, or the salary level he needed to feed his five children. He had a stack of invoices he couldn’t pay. “I was frustrated,” he said.

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    • What is the role of content marketing in an ad-free world?

      By Mark Schaefer Here’s the current state of my advertising consumption. I subscribe to digital versions of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and my local paper. I have not seen a newspaper ad in five years. Maybe longer. With the exception of the news or a live sporting event, I never see ads on TV. Nearly all of my video consumption is through Netflix or Amazon Prime.

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  • Why traditional journalism and social influence are blurring

    … in the world. Contact Mark to have him speak to your company event or conference soon. Related Posts Tags: bethany mota, ethics, evergreen, influence marketing, jeff jarvis, journalism and social media, mark schaefer, natalie zfat, streaming video Posted in Influence and Power, Influence marketing, streaming video, Traditional media and advertising, Writing best practices | No Comments » All posts …

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  • How to become an influencer (even if you’re a little guy!)

    …. Start small. Go for broke AFTER you’ve established a brand for yourself. This is exactly what I had done when I started blogging. I wrote primarily on Twitter because I was fully utilizing a very new platform at that time. Twitter was once a niche, believe it or not. Many still remember me because of how my articles have helped them and I’ve become…

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  • The true goal of influence: Persuasion

    …? Here we goooooooooo … If you can’t access the edition above, click on this link to listen to Episode 88 Other ways to enjoy our podcast Click here to download the latest episode or subscribe in iTunes Complete Marketing Companion Episode Guide Click here for the show’s RSS feed – for Android listeners. Find the podcast on Stitcher…

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  • Four marketing mega trends nobody’s talking about

    … courtesy Flickr CC and Balint Foldesi Related Posts Tags: google +, mark schaefer, marketing trends. facebook, Twitter Posted in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics, Content Marketing, Content Shock, Facebook marketing, futurist, Google techologies, Influence and Power, Influence marketing, Mobile marketing, Return On Influence, Social Media best practices, Social Media Strategy, Twitter, YouTube and video | No Comments » All posts …

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  • The disconnect between social media popularity and business effectiveness

    …. Stay centered. Do great work. Be kind to people and help them. Sure, some people fake it, but today anybody, anywhere can also build real influence on the web. And that is such a powerful and amazing opportunity. Mark Schaefer is the chief blogger for this site, executive director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions, and the author of several best…

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  • How to be a marketing maverick in an old-fashioned industry

    …, with an energetic attitude to trying out new ideas, and I worked in the family business in Marketing and Sales, dealing with my father’s latest invention for the traditional surveyor. It’s geeky, it’s techy, it’s old fashioned. And we decided it was time to shake things up. We wanted to jump right in and try something a little bit different. We wanted to strip…

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  • The reality of online influence and the only thing that matters

    … I used to be a big shot. In my corporate marketing days, I was among the top 1 percent on the company organizational chart. I was awarded seven patents and I earned two masters degrees. I closed the biggest deal in the company’s history, worth more than $5 billion in sales. I earned a big salary and managed a highly-visible team…

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  • Lumanu: Find Influencers and Discover Influential Content

    … someone of influence… influencer marketing is a must. Influencer marketing is broken down into two essential components Who are the influencers that have access to a large, engaged audience that you’re trying to get in front of? What is the unique and informational content that’s going to attract the attention of influencers? Best practices…

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  • Social media predicts the next Carpool Karaoke stars

    … By Hannah Chapple, {grow} Community Member Karaoke, anyone? Last week, Apple Inc. announced they’ve ordered a 16-episode Carpool Karaoke series from CBS to be hosted exclusively on their online music-streaming service, Apple Music. If you’ve never watched the Carpool Karaoke skit, well, you’re missing out — big time! The new Apple series…

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  • How to turn social media connections into an actionable audience

    … something from you. It simply means the door has been opened. So that’s why it is so ridiculous to equate something like Twitter followers with influence and power on the web. Don’t believe me? Let me prove it to you. The case of the missing book sales This is one of my favorite case studies about how difficult it is to get people to take action…

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  • A course correction for influence marketing measurement

    … at that time had a person or department looking after influencer outreach. How did they determine who was an influencer? I pressed the head of one agency to reveal their secret formula and here it is: Klout. In fact, most agencies are still using Klout with a little sugar on top. That’s right. After all these years most influencers are still determined…

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  • Too much of a good thing? The weird truth about social proof.

    … the ego, but the truth about social proof is that they’re nothing to lose sleep over—and can actually help your sales. Illustration courtesy of Flickr CC and Jurgen Appelo The post Too much of a good thing? The weird truth about social proof. appeared first on Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}. Related Stories A lesson in the remarkable marketing power of reciprocity An expanded view of influence marketing measurement The seedy underbelly of advocate marketing …

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  • An expanded view of influence marketing measurement

    … way to measure anything when it comes to true influence. So WHERE is the power of influence marketing occurring … if it is happening at all? In a recent post, I explained that there are eight benefits of influence marketing: Reach/Awareness (especially when yours is limited) Research (since these people are generally experts in their field…

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  • The FTC and Influence Marketing: The crackdown begins

    … your influencer marketing legal and how to use native advertising without getting fined by the FTC. In the meantime, here’s a general piece of advice: Require that any influencers you work with disclose everything. Insist on disclosure Require that influencers disclose if you gave them a free sample, bought their airline tickets so they could visit…

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  • Highlights from SXSW 2016

    … was a hit and will soon be integrated with IBM Watson to give it super-human intelligence. Artificial Intelligence This theme gathered momentum last year and was huge in 2016. A highlight of the conference for me was hearing Dag Kittlaus, the inventor of SIri, talk about the future of technology. Today AI programs are approaching human thought — creating…

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