• Is your Secret Fishing Hole Digital?

      Technology changes constantly, but people have been people for millennia. From keeping the lid on a fishing holes to not sharing killer good content, human behaviour can be pretty predictable online or off. To give you an example, I want to describe a conversation I had with a peer recently. She’s an ambitious thinker and an up-and-coming thought leader in the field of social media.

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  • Using Influence Marketing and Persona Mapping to Grow Your Leads

    … in the awareness and research phase doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll follow the expected/desired path to purchase. This is where Persona Mapping comes into play. Understand Personas, and Understand Resolutions to DisruptionAt Kayak, we’ve long been fans and implementers of persona mapping to guide us and our clients when it comes to our business…

  • Influencer Marketing: History, Evolution, and the Future

    … Social media influencers: that’s a real thing? Since social media became the preferred method for communicating for many people back in 2004, many of us can’t imagine our lives without it. One thing that social media has definitely changed for the better is that it has democratized who gets to be famous, or at least well-known. Up until…

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  • 8 Influencer Strategies for Retail Brands to Boost Sales

    … The state of retail has evolved. If your business has yet to make social a central part of your retail strategy, your business is not performing at full capacity. A social strategy alone, however, is no longer enough to keep you competitive in the online retail space. Mobile commerce (mcommerce) is turning to social influencers to drive sales…

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  • [Webinar Highlights] How to Make Full-Funnel Impact with Social Media

    … Today we hosted a webinar with Socedo: How to Make Full-Funnel Impact with Social Media. This webinar focused on the ability of social media to touch the entire sales funnel—as long as you are strategic about social intent data and guiding customers through appropriately. Lucy Hitz Head of MarComm, Simply Measured Aseem Badshah CEO & Founder…

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  • How Julius Is Increasing the ROI of Influencer Marketing

    … Influencer marketing is the fastest-growing form of online acquisition. There’s a good reason—recent data proves the ROI of influencer marketing campaigns: Eighty-two percent of consumers are likely to follow a recommendation made by an influencer and every $1 spent on an influencer marketing returns $6.50 Tweet This! That’s why the total…

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  • Micro-Influencers: Inside Dirt Astute Marketers Don’t Know

    … the percentages for mobile ad blockers are lower, there are significantly more mobile users. As a result, expect ad-blockers to increase for mobile formats. US Ad Blocker Software Is Mainly On Desktops – eMarketer Data Chart Here are 3 ad-blocker work-arounds: Invest in Facebook ads. Their desktop ads get around ad blockers. Create quality, non-promotional…

    Heidi Cohen/ Heidi Cohen- 40 readers -
  • Instagram Influencer Marketing Is A Billion Dollar Industry [Infographic]

    … Instagram Influencer Marketing Is A Billion Dollar Industry [Infographic] April 20, 2017 by Meagan Freeman Leave a Comment Instagram influencer marketing is taking the advertising industry by storm. It is no surprise that Instagram has become one of the fastest growing social media outlets. With more than 100 million users, the end…

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  • How I Became An Influencer By Accident (And How You Can Too)

    … Whether you are an introvert, extrovert, socially awkward, or like to be the life of the party, you can become an influencer without physically interacting with a single person. Crazy, right? Never underestimate the power of influence. In a world having so many distractions, we still manage to find the time to dedicate our attention to those…

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  • The 3 Secrets of Success that Influencers Don’t Tell You

    Jim sat on his dingy bed. Around and under the centre of his universe were the bits and bric brac of a life collected. Books, a radio and just some tired essentials. Some of these were the leftovers of Jim’s story. Dog eared photos of past relationships and distant memories. The boundaries of this one room dwelling were not wood, stone or walls as most of us know it.

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  • The 5 Step Influencer Formula (and its money making secrets)

    … on a rapid spiral to madness and it is all about improving her rating….her likes. Does part of that sound familiar? This satire is maybe closer to the truth than we care to admit. Online clout In the early days of the social web the measurement of influence and possible popularity was attempted and we saw that with the establishment of the Klout platform…

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  • Effective Hotel Marketing : Connecting with the Right People

    … Have you ever heard the expression, “it’s not about what you know, but about who you know?” This turn of phrase dates back to 1914-1918 but has never been truer than when it comes to hotel digital marketing in 2016. Networking is so important. When it comes to effective hotel marketing, connecting with the right people can skyrocket your…

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