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Influencer marketing, (also Influence Marketing) is a form of marketing that has emerged from a variety of recent practices and studies, in which focus is placed on specific key individuals (or types of individual) rather than the target market as a whole. It identifies the individuals that have influence over potential buyers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers. Influencers may be potential buyers themselves, or they may be third parties. These third parties exist either in the supply chain (retailers, manufacturers, etc.) or may be so-called value-added influencers (such as journalists, academics, industry analysts, professional advisers, and so on).
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    • Influencer Marketing: The End of Bad Ads

      Going back 10 years ago, ads were disruptions. We didn’t have a choice–if you wanted to watch the big game, you had to suffer through endless beer commercials. Now, content is everywhere (there’s almost too much), and we don’t have to watch ads anymore. In fact, the largest predictable spike in Twitter usage each week is during television breaks for nationally televised sporting events.

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    • Smarter Marketing With a Data-Driven Technology Stack

      At a strategic level, a social intelligence practice is built to provide valuable insights to marketers and, in turn, to drive smarter business decisions and business impact. It then stands to reason that your social listening data needs to be talking to, and integrated with, other parts of the business.

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  • Whose Data Is It Anyway?

    This might be the year we all broke Twitter. When racist trolls force an African-American actress to leave the network and hundreds of journalists get anti-Semitic death threats on the platform, it’s time once again to re-examine the tension between liberty and protection of citizens. On the other hand, when the police patrol Twitter looking for criminal activity, that rais ...

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  • 6 Ways to Significantly Boost Your Sales With Digital Influencers

    … with a plethora of influencers. For example, if you’re looking for fashion bloggers, you can enter the keyword “top fashion blogs”, or search for #fashionblogger on social media. Alternatively, you can use influencer marketing tools such as Traackr, Buzzsumo, TapInfluence, or BlogDash. Make sure you are selective about who you work with. You don’t want to use…

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  • The Visual Story of How Jeff Bullas Became a Digital Marketing Influencer

    Did you know that entrepreneurs average 3.8 failures before they actually reach success? That’s a whole lot of disappointment before getting it right. As a startup founder, I’m well acquainted with the looming fear of failure that plagues so many entrepreneurs. Yet, I’ve also learned to make it a lifestyle: Learn from past mistakes, push forward and embrace failure as a step ...

    Payman Taei/ Jeffbullas's Blog- 15 readers -
  • 7 Ways to Run Better Social Media Contests in 2017

    … and the latest trends in social media. If you hope to stand a chance of beating your competition, you’ll need to be on the cutting edge. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new platforms and new mediums; if it works, you’ll be rewarded greatly, but if it doesn’t, you’ll mainly be out a bit of time. Work with social influencers: Influencer marketing…

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  • What you Missed at Influencer Marketing Days

    … While the concept of influencer marketing isn’t new, it’s footprint in the land of digital marketing has grown leaps and bounds in the past few years – so much so that there’s now an actual conference around it. The first annual Influencer Marketing Days (IMD) conference was held in New York this past week and I had the pleasure of being one…

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  • Product reviewing: how to utilise digital influencers

    Credible and reliable endorsements are now, more so than ever, vital to a brand’s success. Identifying and using the appropriate influencers in your marketing strategy is pivotal to ensuring that your brand and product are being seen in the right place, at the right time and most importantly, by the right people.

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  • Insta-Famous, or the Anxiety of Influence

    Remember The Devil Wears Prada? In the 2006 movie, an eager Anne Hathaway’s dream is to work for high-fashion magazine Runway—despite having to answer to its tyrannical editor. If the film were written today, it’d be very different. Print magazines long told readers what was hot, what they should buy and what they should wear.

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  • Influencer Marketing in 2017 to Evolve into Brand/Agency-Owned Networks

    Influencer marketing took a huge leap forward in 2016, as brands began to fully realize the power behind social media and those with loyal and engaged followings. As the CEO of an influencer marketing platform for five years, I’ve seen firsthand how brands have successfully and unsuccessfully navigated these previously unchartered waters.

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  • Small Business Owners Aren’t Using Instagram (Survey)

    … complaints were a perceived lack of value and a shortage of time. One way to address a number of these problems is to look into influencer marketing. Influencers already have the audiences, they know the landscape and they will free up your time. Influencers can provide almost seven times their investment cost in value, and there are many ways…

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  • 6 Solid Reasons to Do Influencer Marketing on Instagram

    … Note from Geno Prussakov: Ladies and gentlemen, below you may find the first guest post by our newest guest blogger, Brandon Leibowitz. So you’ve decided to launch an influencer marketing campaign. But you still have some doubts about which social network you should use for the campaign. While it would be ideal to be able to market your brand…

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  • Three Ways Social Influencers Can Start Using Video

    It’s no secret that video is a growing medium. In fact, one-third of all online activity is spent watching video. Social feeds are packed with clips of cats, stunts and makeup tutorials. In the next four years, spend on mobile video is set to grow by 700 percent—and it’s making influencers like yourself rethink your content strategy.

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  • Eight content marketing trends to think about in 2017

    …: CMI Influencer marketing Influencer marketing has turned into a popular trend during 2016, with brands seeking for the best advocates for their products. It’s not just about the number of followers an influencer has, but also about the relevance for the target audience. Thus, we are expecting a further growth in influencer marketing, but more…

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  • 9 Things to Note Before Launching a Facebook Coupon Offers Campaign

    … coupon campaigns on Facebook can be very effective for most industries and has proven to yield results. Below is a quick list of some possible coupon campaigns: Customer loyalty Exclusive social fans Holiday/seasonal Influencer Following/liking/sharing on Facebook Pre-launch Weekly/monthly coupons Facebook is a great social platform to use…

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  • Understanding FTC guidelines for influencer marketing

    … The FTC is cracking down on brands that aren’t following the rules and regulations for influencer marketing. Where they are and aren’t enforcing these rules, though, has left many confused. To help with your influencer marketing planning, we’ve outlined what you need to do in order to keep your brand compliant with the FTC Guidelines. Include…

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