• Influencer Marketing: The End of Bad Ads

      Going back 10 years ago, ads were disruptions. We didn’t have a choice–if you wanted to watch the big game, you had to suffer through endless beer commercials. Now, content is everywhere (there’s almost too much), and we don’t have to watch ads anymore. In fact, the largest predictable spike in Twitter usage each week is during television breaks for nationally televised sporting events.

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    • Smarter Marketing With a Data-Driven Technology Stack

      At a strategic level, a social intelligence practice is built to provide valuable insights to marketers and, in turn, to drive smarter business decisions and business impact. It then stands to reason that your social listening data needs to be talking to, and integrated with, other parts of the business.

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  • Whose Data Is It Anyway?

    … for business. Privacy vs. convenience Consumers are often willing to trade privacy for convenience provided they get something back. Many people happily give up their data to Google Maps. In exchange, they get accurate traffic information that can save them many hours over the course of a year. Google literally knows exactly where you are going…

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  • 7 Ways to Run Better Social Media Contests in 2017

    … and the latest trends in social media. If you hope to stand a chance of beating your competition, you’ll need to be on the cutting edge. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new platforms and new mediums; if it works, you’ll be rewarded greatly, but if it doesn’t, you’ll mainly be out a bit of time. Work with social influencers: Influencer marketing…

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  • Insta-Famous, or the Anxiety of Influence

    … given rise to influencers plugged in to what today’s fashion watchers want, when they want it. Today, The Devil Wears Prada would depict an eager fashionista blazing her own trail to exert influence via social media on YouTube, Instagram or Snapchat. A new reign Traditional publishers need to rethink their revenue models–fast. According to a joint…

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  • Influencer Marketing in 2017 to Evolve into Brand/Agency-Owned Networks

    … Influencer marketing took a huge leap forward in 2016, as brands began to fully realize the power behind social media and those with loyal and engaged followings. As the CEO of an influencer marketing platform for five years, I’ve seen firsthand how brands have successfully and unsuccessfully navigated these previously unchartered waters…

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  • Small Business Owners Aren’t Using Instagram (Survey)

    … complaints were a perceived lack of value and a shortage of time. One way to address a number of these problems is to look into influencer marketing. Influencers already have the audiences, they know the landscape and they will free up your time. Influencers can provide almost seven times their investment cost in value, and there are many ways…

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  • Facebook Gets Caught Up in CrowdTangle

    … acquisition. A Facebook spokesperson said in an email to SocialTimes: Publishers around the world turn to CrowdTangle to surface stories that matter, measure their social performance and identify influencers. We are excited to work with CrowdTangle to deliver these and more insights to more publishers. And the CrowdTangle statement said: When we…

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  • Three Ways Social Influencers Can Start Using Video

    …. With Facebook users watching more than 100 million hours of videos each day, you need a way to step up the game and stay relevant in crowded social feeds. Here are a few ways to get over the intimidation factor and use video to gain more fans and advertising dollars. Go for a test drive A camera in video-recording mode is much different than one snapping…

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  • 9 Things to Note Before Launching a Facebook Coupon Offers Campaign

    … Facebook Offers campaigns are a great way of promoting your products and/or services. It has been proven that social media campaigns are 60 percent more effective than traditional advertising campaigns. One of the best ways of running promotions on social media is the use of coupon campaigns on the largest social media site, Facebook. Running…

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  • Two Cheers for Facebook’s Celebrity Influencer Crackdown

    … When the Federal Trade Commission began cracking down on influencer marketing earlier this year, it was clear that the practice had hit the big-time. More proof that 2016 was a breakthrough year for influencer marketing? Facebook is taking notice, as well. This week, the social media giant began requiring public figures with verified profiles…

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  • Facebook Unveils Resources for Business Influencers

    … Facebook Monday released a bundle of resources for business influencers, highlighted by its Business Influencer Guide. The Facebook for Business Influencers page includes information on using Facebook as a leadership platform, Facebook Live, Facebook Mentions, notes, 360-degree videos and other related content. And the guide touches…

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  • Justin Kan Launches Whale Video Q&A App

    … will receive money. Users receive a few coins for free when they sign up for Whale, and they can purchase additional Whale Coins via in-app purchase. In a post on Product Hunt, Kan explained the inspiration behind Whale: The point of Whale is to solve my own problems with video Q&A. I’ve been giving entrepreneurship/startup/life advice on Snapchat…

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  • What Twitter Moments Means for Small Businesses

    … including influencers, partners and brands. At the same time, they announced that Moments would soon be open to everyone. On Sept. 28, Twitter made Moments available to everyone. But what exactly are Twitter Moments and how can they benefit small businesses like yours? This article will show you how to create your own Moments and use them to engage…

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  • How to Build an Authentic Brand With a Remarkable Voice

    … to feel positively about a company talking our own language, run by people like us. Consider the characteristics of those most likely to buy your product–the way they speak, the things they like–and try to fit that into the way you communicate. Millennials, for example, might prefer a youthful, conversational style, while older generations may…

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