• What is Native Advertising?

      As defined by the FTC, native advertising is deceptive if there is a material misrepresentation or even if there’s an omission of information that is likely to mislead the consumer acting reasonably in the circumstances. That’s a subjective statement, and I’m not sure I want to defend myself against the powers of the government.

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    • A Guide To Influencer Marketing. Interview with Olga Andrienko, SEMRush

      Influencer Marketing is probably one of the biggest content marketing trends in 2017. If you’re wondering how to create such a program, you’ve come to the right place. Olga Andrienko, Head of Global Marketing for kindly shared with us her secret sauce on how to build long, lasting, and fruitful relationships with influencers. So, here it is. Content Marketing vs.

      State of Digitalin Content- 12 readers -
    • An Insider’s Look at What Content Affiliates Want

      Content and influencer marketing is now at the forefront of most of the conversations we’re having with clients regarding the growth and expansion for their affiliate program in 2017. Historically, it was difficult for brands to find content partners who were interested in working with them through the affiliate model.

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  • Cassandra Bankson: A Day in the Life Of an Influencer and Brand Ambassador

    …. They are true 360-degree marketing programs with content (can be written and video), PR campaigns, speaking engagements, creating products, and beyond. We are embarking on a big deal like this right now and I am not at liberty to say who the company is. But my feeling is that when people find out about this deal (or any deal), it should make so much sense…

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  • Beauty on YouTube: Brands, Influencers and the Millennial Woman

    … most engaged-with video of the last year is this tutorial for creating the perfect sunset cat eye. Although it only generated 374K views, the engagement rate was around 7x higher than the average YouTube upload. If you’re not convinced by Jeffree’s story, then maybe I should introduce you to Grav3yardGirl who has 7M YouTube subscribers…

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  • Top 25 Digital Marketing Influencers to Follow in 2017

    Executive's Corner, Uncategorized KISSmetrics, Wordstream, Moz, Entrepreneur – phew! Some names, these. Millions of web users trust some digital marketing experts to the extent that these wizards are now credible educators and influencers in the sphere of digital marketing. Following the influencers is your vehicle to success, and here’s the list of the best of them to follow for 2017. 1.

    Joydeep Bhattacharya/ Relevance- 23 readers -
  • How To Ideate New Content When You Feel Like You’ve Exhausted All Topics

    …, it will be easier to get others to start sharing their own stories, too. 4. Interview Thought Leaders and Influencers within Your Industry Most industries have their own versions of rock stars – the people that have broken new ground, led disruption and influence practitioners. When you’re stuck on ideating, why not reach out to one or two and ask…

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  • The Millennial Woman on YouTube [Report and Webinar Playback]

    … sector? Luckily, Tubular Labs has identified the Millennial Woman on YouTube, and what makes her tick when it comes to that platform. We have created a report that not only defines an audience, but which also confirms important sub groups of that audience. The research highlights the brands, publications, musicians, celebrities, and television shows…

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  • 5 Influencer Marketing Platforms for SMBs

    … the web for keyword mentions in real-time, with advanced features to keep results as relevant as possible. A business owner who sees that an influential local has been tweeting about the products he sells, or writing about his company on a personal blog, can reach out to that person through Awario with an invitation to collaborate on a campaign…

    Stephanie Miles/ Street Fightin Social- 27 readers -
  • 6 Ways Data Can Boost Your Social Media Marketing

    …). In your assessments, make sure you look at how the importance of data has played in to the platform’s development. Break the ROI myths: Many marketers struggle to prove ROI because of myths that declare that social impact is unmeasurable. This is not true. You can use data to track consumer behavior that proves the value of social. For example…

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  • Make the Most of Twitter: How DMs Can Personalize Your Brand

    … professionally with the recipients. Instead, you’d want to send DMs using the Twitter handle of the head of your IT team or your CIO. Credibility: Who in your company has credibility with the recipient of the message? That credibility might stem from mutual interests or your social media influence, based on the volume and quality of the audience…

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  • 3 Ways to Spark Successful Relationships With Micro-Influencers

    … As 2016 has come to a close, brands and marketers alike will begin to look back at what was successful for them and consider what strategies to implement as 2017 kicks off. This year saw several marketing and advertising strategies take off—even Pokemon Go got into the act–but one method in particular is poised to continue as a powerful tool…

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  • Social Media Is Finally Growing Up

    …. Kyle Nelson is the co-founder and chief marketing officer of MVPindex, which ranks, measures and values more than 40,000 of the biggest influencers on social media in sports and entertainment. Image courtesy of Shutterstock. …

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  • 5 Ways Snapchat Spectacles Will Affect Influencer Marketing in 2017

    … of a limited-time, “first-look” unboxing or demo video on a 24-hour Snapchat Story could drive more views and engagement. Brands will get even more mileage out of their influencers, big and small There’s little doubt that GoPro is currently the dominant player when it comes to first-person shoots of extreme sports. I expect that we’ll see Spectacles…

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