• Media Companies Are Investing in Multiple Platforms and Longer Video Content

      Regular readers of Tubular Insights know that we are no longer reporting news. Instead, we’re focusing on delivering strategic insights, critical data, tactical advice, and trends in the digital video marketing business. But, sometimes the latest insights, data, and trends are, well, newsworthy new news. This includes several shockers in Tubular’s State of Online Video Report for Q2 2017.

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  • The Many Faces of #E32017: Sponsored, Live, and Official Video

    … The biggest event for gamers all over the world has come and gone, but the insights are here to stay. As publishers geared up for the largest gaming expo in the world, they released over 80 trailers of the most highly-anticipated game releases. The Electronic Entertainment Expo, also known as E3, is critical to game publishers because it’s…

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  • Fake Freckles: The Surprising Summer Beauty Hack That’s Trending Online

    … Every season, we see new trends in beauty pop up online and millions of us watch multiple how-to videos in an attempt to perfect that trend via every hack imaginable. If you’re a beauty geek, you were most likely one of the 5.4 million views received in the first 30 days from when MetDaan uploaded this ombré lip tutorial from @amadea_dashurie…

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  • Ramadan Online: Holy-Month Related Video Content That Resonates

    … whose videos people were engaging with. You can download the exclusive insights below to see how influencer-generated content uploaded to YouTube during Ramadan 2016 accounted for 54% of overall views for that topic. Connected to that, live prayer videos uploaded during Ramadan 2016 were 7.2 times more engaging than the average YouTube video…

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  • Audiences Can’t Get Enough of Wonder Woman Video Content

    … Woman findings is that movie studios should consider looking to related brands and digital influencers to help reach more of their target audiences in the months and weeks leading up to a film’s release. Both official and UGC videos can work together to generate buzz, as is evidenced by the content we explored above. Clearly, these stats all speak for themselves; the world is ready for Wonder Woman. …

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  • In 2017, Every Brand Needs to Have an Influencer Strategy

    It's time to take on the Power Rangers! Special thanks to the Power Rangers movie for sponsoring this video! Click to get your tickets to the POWER RANGERS movie! Watch the BONUS video for some behind the scenes fun! Some of our biggest videos ever are coming out soon so stay tuned so you won't miss ...

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  • Top Media Publishers Drive 86% Growth in Video Views on Facebook

    … to brands (an average of 12M views per month), and influencers (7M views). Download the State of Online Video Q1 2017 Report Now The exclusive ‘State of Online Video Q1 2017’ report gives unprecedented insights into what’s happening on the major video platforms, including data on YouTube Live. You can access the full report right now, and get actionable takeaways, by filling in the form below. …

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  • Find The Influencers That Matter (In 3 Easy Steps)

    … in their bio or by the type of content they share. Now don’t get your hopes up. Even the best products on the market – BuzzSumo being one of them – can’t give you a ready-to-use list of influencers. However, you can use such tools to get a good enough database to start with. Results for “SEO” | Influencer Research using BuzzSumo Another great resource…

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  • Destruction Content Is Blowing Up on YouTube

    … In the spring of 2016, Reddit users lost their minds over one YouTube channel in particular and directly contributed to its massive growth. How massive? Well, within 30 days, the lucky Finnish-based Hydraulic Press Channel, which specializes in destruction content AKA as squishing just about anything with (unsurprisingly) a powerful hydraulic…

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  • How Social Video Helped Kat Von D Built a Beauty Empire

    … products online. Kat Von D & Instagram Video Kat Von D has really worked Instagram to draw in followers to her Kat Von D Beauty handle. With each video averaging about 134,000 views let’s take a look at the Instagram video that received the most views in the last 90 days and try and figure out why it was so popular. This video has over…

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