• Podcast Advertising Is Coming of Age

      With the unbelievable growth of podcasting over the years, I feel as though the industry has been slow to adapt advertising technologies to it. There’s little or no reason why the same advertising strategies developed for video couldn’t be applied to podcasting – even just pre-roll ads, for example.

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  • 4 Essential Strategies For Your Multi-Location Business Online

    … of the major evolutions that hasn’t hit full-steam yet but which is rapidly becoming important is the use of voice interfaces to interact with digital platforms/devices. Amazon has already sold more than 10 million Alexa-powered Echo devices and it’s estimated that there will be 21.4 million smart speakers in the United States by 2020. Voice searches…

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  • Web Accessibility Goes Well Beyond Screen Readers

    …. Designers can use semantic markup or accessibility attributes or other means to help disabled people to overcome their incapacity to use websites. This infographic from Designmantic details Web Accessibility: What is ARIA? ARIA stands for Accessible Rich Internet Applications and is a set of special accessibility attributes which can be added…

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  • What is the ROI of a Loyal Customer?

    … of mind within organizations – and their customers are seeing amazing results already. In B2B SaaS, customer retention is critical. We’re seeing more and more companies miss growth opportunities by focusing solely on acquisition and not on experience, loyalty, and retention. Acquisition costs are continuing to rise in many industries as digital…

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  • 6 Keys to Customer Service Success Using Social Media

    … We shared statistics on the growth of customer service using social media, and this infographic takes it a bit further, providing 6 distinct keys for your company to incorporate to ensure success. Lousy customer service can derail your marketing, so its essential for marketers to monitor sentiment and response time via social media. In one JD…

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  • Why Mobile Is On the Rise in Affiliate Marketing

    … Investments are growing across a range of digital strategies, including website channels (61% of CMOs expect to increase investment) and mobile platforms (59% expect to increase spending), according to a recent Gartner’s 2017-2018 CMO Spend Survey. That’s good news for the affiliate marketing world as the model supports, monetizes and optimizes…

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  • Infographic: The Influence of Instagram

    … to reach a massive audience.” It turns out that 72 percent of users make buying decisions based on what they see on the site, and the average cost of a sponsored post is $300. Facebook and YouTube still hold a sizable lead in terms of active users, but Instagram’s influence is rapidly on the rise. Check out the full infographic below for more data on the social network’s marketing power. The post Infographic: The Influence of Instagram appeared first on The Content Strategist. …

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  • How to Create a Successful YouTube Channel

    … celebrities in a matter of years posting videos about their life and connecting with an audience – proving that it's certainly possible to make a living out of Youtube but how? What can you do beyond just posting cat videos? Our friends at We Are Top 10 have produced an infographic that goes into the nuts and bolts of building a successful Youtube Channel. Check it out below. …

    Lawrence Tam/ Lawrence Tamin Social YouTube- 11 readers -
  • [Infographic] Email Marketing Predictions for 2018

    … If you’re like a lot of marketers, you’re already looking ahead to 2018 and wondering: “How can I get bigger, better results?” Well, it’s no secret that creating relevant, customer-centric experiences deliver the best results. That’s why we predict that 2018 will be the Year of the Customer. Here’s what we think will be the biggest customer…

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  • The Most Popular and Necessary Tags to Deploy in Ecommerce

    … with a basic installation. Unless you integrate data to capture in your e-commerce platform, though, many more critical tags are missed. This infographic from Softcrylic details the tags you should deploy on your e-commerce home page, shopping page, product page, cart page, checkout page, and confirmation page. They also provide best practices…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blog- 19 readers -
  • Super Useful Email Management Tips and Tools

    … If you had to take a guess, how many emails do you think are sent every day? One million? Ten million? One hundred million? You wouldn’t even be close—not by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, every day, people send close to 200 billion—yes, that’s billion with a “b”—emails. That equals about half the day for the average working person—so…

    Noemi Tasarra Twigg/ The Blog Heraldin EMail- 9 readers -
  • Infographic: The Science of Brand Voice

    ….” The Wall Street Journal went with the very straightforward “What Is a 401(k)?” Refinery29 appealed to its audience with a more creative approach: “How Saving $8 Can Make You a Millionaire.” So how can marketers determine the right brand voice for their employers? It’s more involved than just sitting at a desk until the epiphany hits…

    Jordan Teicher/ The Content Strategist- 17 readers -
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