• Infographic: The Science of Brand Voice

      Whenever I talk to brand marketers, I always make sure to ask them one question: How is your content different than what your competitors create? It’s a simple ask, but I’ve noticed that people have trouble answering it. And a lot of them sound the same. They mention things like truly caring about the customers and using an authentic voice.

      Jordan Teicher/ The Content Strategist- 16 readers -
    • AP’s 2018 Holiday Calendar Infographic & Marketing Guide

      Gone are the days when holiday shopping was all about the next big holiday in Q4. In our “always on,” multi-device, multi-channel, multi-option world, smart, savvy marketers must think about creating multiple campaigns around multiple holidays. But there’s no need to let your stress-level multiply. We’ve created two content pieces to help you stay ahead of your 2018 retail calendar.

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  • Super Useful Email Management Tips and Tools

    … If you had to take a guess, how many emails do you think are sent every day? One million? Ten million? One hundred million? You wouldn’t even be close—not by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, every day, people send close to 200 billion—yes, that’s billion with a “b”—emails. That equals about half the day for the average working person—so…

    Noemi Tasarra Twigg/ The Blog Heraldin EMail- 9 readers -
  • What’s the Impact of a Micro vs. Macro-Influencer Strategies

    … Influencer marketing lies somewhere in between the word-of-mouth colleague that you trust and the paid advertisement you put on a website. Influencers often have great ability to build awareness but range in their ability to actually influence prospects on a purchase decision. While it’s a more deliberate, engaging strategy to reach your core…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blog- 20 readers -
  • Influencer Marketing: History, Evolution, and the Future

    … they are looking at advertisements, so that’s why you will often see Sponsored Content splashed across blog posts or #ad in an Instagram post. Nevertheless, people tend to find social media influencers more trustworthy than paid celebrity spokespersons – 70% of teens say that YouTubers are more relatable than celebrities, while 88% of people trust online…

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  • Infographic: The State of Content Strategy

    … that is actionable and tied to key metrics is critical for marketing success, as our survey showed. There’s a lot of room for improvement here. (And that’s not even accounting for the fact that our email subscribers likely have a stronger grasp of content strategy than the average marketer.) For more insight into the state of content strategy, check out the infographic below. The post Infographic: The State of Content Strategy appeared first on The Content Strategist. …

    Dillon Baker/ The Content Strategist- 28 readers -
  • The Science & Art of Storytelling for Content Marketing

    …, I found this amazing infographic on “The Art of Storytelling” by Marissa Sternberg of OneSpot. It provides a scientific look at storytelling and how content marketers can use different types of content to create lasting and impactful stories. Check it out here. Source – OneSpot …

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  • [Infographic] 7 Ways to Boost Engagement in Your Holiday Emails

    … It’s the most wonderful time of the year… holiday email campaign planning season! Let’s be real, kicking off your biggest campaign of the year is no small undertaking. That’s why planning your email strategy well in advance will help you get an edge over your competition and save you time and stress. If you’re just beginning to wrap your head…

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  • Fathers Day Ecommerce Statistics

    … It’s almost Father’s Day! I lost my Pops a few years ago, so take the time to hug your Dad and buy him a gift… even if it’s just a few bucks. He’ll love it even if he doesn’t show it. This time of year I find myself at Lowes looking at the cool tools and I think just for a split second… “I’m going to grab one of those for Dad” and then I remember…

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  • Beyond Infographics: Alternative Visual Content Strategies That Work

    … think infographics are the only option for visual content. This couldn’t be further from the case. Similar to infographics, yet unique in their purposes, are such forms as charts and digital posters. What makes a chart or digital poster different from an infographic? Imagine a Venn diagram. Digital posters typically only include text, while charts…

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  • Infographic: Which Industries Have the Best Content Marketing?

    … for a given topic. Writers and editors have the ability to produce something valuable that stems beyond an intriguing headline or lede. In the infographic below, check out how three industries—finance, B2B, and tech—compare when it comes to performance metrics. Welcome to the Content Performance Games. How do you match up? The post Infographic: Which Industries Have the Best Content Marketing? appeared first on The Content Strategist. …

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  • Voice search: A digital space race

    … Voice search has been identified by the world’s leading technology providers as a huge opportunity to acquire market share over the next decade. It has become a hot topic in the industry, with every new hardware and software release being met with significant press coverage, and countless op-eds and articles analyzing the voice search ‘explosion…

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  • You Should Know These Facts About Instagram

    … You Should Know These Facts About Instagram May 2, 2017 by Meagan Freeman Leave a Comment Instagram is a billion dollar company that is influencing marketing, businesses and the way consumers shop online. Chances are you are realized how valuable of a tool this is. So, do you know all the facts about this social media giant. A new infographic…

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