• How Much Does Mobile Matter? [Infographic]

      Does mobile matter? The answer is a resounding yes! Not only have mobile devices become the search tool of choice, Google is slowly transitioning all of their platforms and services to a mobile-first mindset. Mobile responsive design is the new norm; in fact, many web designers are eliminating any focus on desktop users in favor of a mobile-only approach.

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    • 7 Questions You Must Answer to Get the Right Kind of Facebook Fans

      7 Questions You Must Answer to Get the Right Kind of Facebook Fans January 9, 2017 by Meagan Freeman Leave a Comment When it comes to having Facebook Fans, quality always weight more than quantity. But don’t get me wrong. Having a high number of Facebook Fans on your business page is great and helpful even. The more Fans you have, the more exposure. The thing is..

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  • EA Mobile Celebrates Fifth Anniversary of The Sims FreePlay (Infographic)

    … The Sims FreePlay turned five years old this week, and to celebrate the occasion, EA Mobile released an infographic containing stats from the lifestyle simulation game. The Sims FreePlay has been downloaded more than 200 million times in the past five years. Users have spent the equivalent of more than 78,000 years playing the game…

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  • 7 Social Media Infographics That Will Blow Your Mind

    … given time. The truth is, not all social networks are the same, nor are the ways and times that people use them. For example, did you know that Sunday through Thursday are the best days to connect with consumers from a business perspective? It’s true. Be sure to check out this infographic to improve your engagement and results on social media, just…

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  • Infographic: How Tech Has Changed Black Friday

    … a time when stores can feel overcrowded and understaffed. As a result, the longstanding American tradition of Black Friday is losing steam. Sixty-three percent of consumers now say they would never stand in line for it. Almost half of millennials prefer Black Friday’s counterpart, Cyber Monday. Hint: It’s not because they like Mondays. Just ask…

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  • Turning an Ordinary Business into a Family of Skilled Workers

    … Turning an Ordinary Business into a Family of Skilled Workers by Aaron Leave a Comment The most successful businesses are those who can adapt to market changes quickly and effectively. To be able to have this quality, businesses – and every member of the team – must be able to develop a pleasant and conducive working environment. It is clear…

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  • The Ultimate LinkedIn Cheat Sheet

    … them reading, and impress them enough to take positive action (i.e., connect with you, visit your blog, hire you, etc.). Have you checked your profile lately? There’s no better time than now to do so and make changes for the better. To make it easier for you and make the most of the platform, here is an infographic which serves as the ultimate…

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  • 3 Quick & Easy Ways to Make Your Videos More Search Engine Friendly [Infographic]

    … shown to increase the number of people who watch a video to completion by 80%. If you find yourself intrigued by all these possibilities for improving your video search engine rankings, don’t forget to check out this brand new infographic from Take 1 Transcription for tons of useful info along with some amazing facts and figures about video marketing! …

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  • Is This The Future of Infographics?

    …, seeing what they can play with now, what they can implement, and what new technologies are just on the horizon. This forward thinking is what can make or break your content marketing efforts; you have to adapt or you’ll be drowned out. With visual content like infographics, marketers have the unique position of seeing the future as it approaches…

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  • App User Acquisition Costs More in Swing States (Infographic)

    … gaming will pay an 11 percent higher acquisition cost for in-game purchases in swing states than in non-swing states. Elsewhere, the infographic showed that the cost per install for subscription apps was 5.6 percent less in blue states than in red states. However, the average cost per registration in apps was found to be 6.4 percent less in red states…

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  • Infographic: The Battle Between Instagram and Snapchat

    … showed up. Preferences aside, I recognize that the networks have become similar. When Snapchat introduces a new feature—think Snapchat Stories, which became immediately popular with brands because they could function as short-form, full-screen video advertising—Instagram copies it. This new infographic from One Productions offers a side-by-side…

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  • This Epic Flowchart Will Help You Decide Whether to Listen to SEO Advice

    …Should you listen to that SEO advice you just read? Or was it written by a useless SEO fool? The flowchart below might just help you decide. Maybe. However, as always, please remember the wise words of Rush: if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice. Like most sophisticated questions about search engine optimization, there’s…

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  • Infographic: A Marketer’s Guide to Posting on LinkedIn

    … It feels like social media editors only have fun on Twitter and Facebook. Those platforms may be the go-to places for celebrities and “sexy” B2C brands—if Denny’s is ever going to be sexy, this is it—but when it comes to B2B marketing, LinkedIn has them beat. According to a new infographic from WebpageFX, 80 percent of B2B social media leads…

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