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    • 16 Types of Infographic Layouts to Inspire You!

      Over the years, we’ve become quite a resource for readers to find and learn from infographics. Infographics are, perhaps, one of the best tools of the trade right now because they have a number of advantages: They’re easily shared, making the best of social media – getting your content shared and read in relevant networks.

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  • Why Your Infographic is Ruining Your Business

    … Infographic marketing is still alive and well. However, infographics are now everywhere, so it is important to go about using them in the right way. As with content, the internet is flooded, so you need to make sure your infographic stands out and converts. Having a bad infographic can hurt your brand. It can make you look incompetent if you have…

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  • Why You Should Invest in Infographics Immediately

    … with search engines. Partnering with a great infographic agency is absolutely key to your success. A properly executed infographic requires research, story development, design, a call-to-action, and promotion to fully realize its potential. An infographic that’s well done can provide months or even years of highly relevant traffic to your site. Make…

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  • 5 Requirements for a Shareworthy Infographic

    … and figures. Always check (and double-check) to ensure your facts, figures and data are correct and your sources are reliable. 3. Choose a Goal Without a specific, pre-defined goal, your infographic will be ineffective. No matter how cool your design is or how much data you have compiled, your infographic will not serve it’s purpose if it doesn’t revolve…

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  • Infographics: Everything You Need to Know

    … the content and statistics you’re sharing. As an added benefit, you can let your sources know that you’ve included their content in your infographic. Who knows, they just might choose to share it on their site or social profiles! #5: Publish and Promote the Infographic At the beginning of this article I said people research, create, embed and hope…

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  • How to Create an Infographic That Boosts Social Shares and Leads

    … infographics that tell a provocative story your readers can’t resist. What do you think? Have you used infographics in your marketing? Have you come across any other good tools to help create effective infographics? Please share with us in the comments! Tweet Tags: infographic, infographic design, infographic inspiration, infographic software, infographic tool, jeff ente, visual content, visual marketing, visual social media, visual storytelling …

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  • Visme: Bring Visuals to Life

    … In open beta for just over a year, Visme is based on HTML5, which means all content works well on mobile devices too. The developers say it is “so easy your grandmother could use it,” while having enough depth for experienced designers. I consider my skill level somewhere between the two and took the tool for a spin. Before getting started, I…

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