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  • My December 2016 Monthly Income Report

    … I always get excited at the end of each year, not only because Christmas is my favorite time of year (and my birthday happens to land in December), but because I get to reflect on the lessons learned and examine the numbers to see what’s been working, and what I can improve. We shouldn’t have to wait until the end of the year to reflect on these…

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  • Looking Ahead and Goals for 2017

    … every detail of the journey and experiment. I have no idea what I’m getting myself into, and that’s part of the fun. Heck, it could totally crash and burn, but either way it’ll become a huge lesson for all those following along. Personal Goals Beyond those major business goals, I also have a couple of personal goals set for myself. A lot of you may…

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  • Why Giving Away Your Valuable Content for Free Can Seriously Hurt Your Business

    … If you sell information products (which is something I recommend you do) and you also do content marketing, you'll inevitably face a dilemma. On the one hand, it's your business to sell your know-how and expertise and on the other hand, giving information away for free is how you can attract an audience. How can you know what to give away…

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  • My October 2016 Monthly Income Report

    … was able to film the experience for you: Thanks again to the entire team behind Thrive. It was definitely an amazing event! So that was my October. . . lots of great experiences, new relationships formed, and old ones rekindled, but beyond that, there was one thing that happened in October that was always on my mind: The test students for my brand new…

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  • My September 2016 Income Report

    … to hold one more before the end of the year. Stay tuned for that For now, let’s get into the income breakdown for September: Note: Items with an empty difference percentage were not present on the previous month’s income report. I’m super thrilled with the results of September, which is traditionally a month where numbers are up because people…

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  • Strategies for Getting Course Customers to Take Action

    … courses too, including SPI 136: How to Build an Online Course that Sells with David Siteman Garland, and SPI 137: A Product Launch Sequence That Works—How to Create a 3-Part Video Series with Amy Porterfield. In this post, I wanted to highlight ten specific strategies to help your course customers follow through and take action on what you’re…

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