Inspirational Quotes

  • Inspiration is the new currency for Facebook likes

    … of getting around the restrictions set up by Facebook, the results for the businesses who have adopted this strategy are nothing less than . . . inspiring. At least for now. The businesses may have won this round, but – like infographics – audiences will eventually tire of this tactic. Have you noticed the prevalence of inspirational quotes on Facebook lately? And do you feed the monster by clicking and sharing them? Top image courtesy of Shutterstock. …

    Mary Long/ Inside Facebookin Social- 8 readers -
  • Facebook Inspirational Quotes

    …Problems are the doors to opportunities! Do you understand this quote? Do you believe that a problem is actually an opportunity? Do we really believe that problems are opportunities in disguise? No matter what you think there are a growing number of Facebook pages that are littered with Facebook Inspirational Quotes and Facebook Inspirational…

    Gordon Robinson/ Work With Gordonin Social- 6 readers -
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