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  • Instagram Ads: What Marketers Need to Know

    … Are you active on Instagram? Have you considered experimenting with ads? To find out how Instagram ads work, I interview Jenn Herman. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It’s designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media…

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  • 4 Travel Social Ad Campaigns That Go The Extra Mile

    … a personal, intimate nature, it makes sense that ads incorporating that same style resonate with audiences. Instead of promoting products or services with broad strokes, try communicating the value of your travel brand by showcasing how it impacts individuals. Airbnb uses a Facebook video ad to tell the story of one family exploring the wide variety…

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  • 4 Killer Ads Promoting User Generated Content And Why They Work

    … challenges like messy application — ultimately succeeding in selling the product because it gets an honest and whole-hearted thumbs up from a real person. By employing this user generated content, Memebox sells itself in an honest and natural way that isn’t a turn-off to audiences. Free eBook: The Marketer’s Creative Guide to Instagram Advertising Learn best practices and strategies for crafting Instagram ad creative that generates leads and drives revenue. Download the Guide …

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  • Seasonal Advertising Has Sprung On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

    … promoting its financial services to engaged couples. The images in the ad below puts “I do” front and center with shots showcasing couples traveling and on a honeymoon (a serious expense that will likely require financial planning). The convenience of using Salem Five Bank as it relates to engaged couples is called out several times in the copy…

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  • Two Platforms, One Image: Repurposing Ad Creative For Facebook and Instagram

    … such as a split-screen style and bright pop of color. Because the image is uncomplicated and straightforward, it reads well for both Instagram’s primarily mobile audience as well as desktop and mobile Facebook users. Aerie When Aerie announced that it would no longer retouch the models featured in its ad campaigns, the retailer made headlines. As one…

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  • 6 Retailers Driving Purchases With Stunning Instagram Ads

    … in advertised products. The key to driving purchases on a primarily visual site like Instagram is high-quality creative in your ads. So how should you craft the images in your ads to draw eyeballs, clicks and purchases? Follow the lead of these six retailers who are outfitting their ads with top-notch creative. Sony Alpha Sometimes the most effective…

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  • 3 Brands Winning Cross-Channel Advertising On Facebook And Instagram

    … are popular across all demographics, each speak especially well to particular groups. Pantene takes all this into consideration by crafting its ads to reach different audiences on each channel. In Pantene‘s Facebook ad, NFL players bond with their daughters while styling their hair. The touching video speaks to family-focused parents who go through…

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