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  • JARVEE: Windows-Based Social Media Automation Software.

    …, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn. Instagram Automation – Boost your Instagram growth by following, following back, unfollowing, auto-reposting, auto-liking, commenting, or deleting posts. The toll includes the ability to perform hashtag research and manage direct messages. Facebook Automation – increase your engagement…

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  • Not Every Content Strategy Needs a Story

    … Stories are everywhere and I’m sick of it. Every social media app is trying to throw them in my face, every website is trying to lure me to their clickbait story, and now every brand wants to emotionally connect with me online. Please make it stop. Reasons Why I’m Growing Weary of Stories: Most people are terrible at telling stories. Most…

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  • How to Uncover Micro-influencers on Instagram for Your Brand

    … Brands are always seeking new ways to promote themselves and with the rapid growth of social media, there are more and more opportunities appearing each day - especially when it comes to influencer marketing on Instagram. Influencer marketing is simply the promotion of services and products through people with a large number of followers and a real impact on their opinions and buying behavior. …

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  • The Influence of Instagram on Buying [Infographic]

    … 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. Blast off! From 2014 to 2017, Instagram has seen a 357% increase in users and as of September 2017, it has a whopping 800 million active users. Looking at this growth and traffic, Instagram has become a major platform for influencers (the most influential on shopping habits, followed by Facebook and Pinterest) and this is a big deal. …

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  • Instagram’s Most Important Statistics for Marketers

    … for paid campaigns. In the meantime, the platform flourished as a home for influencers and organic brand content. While that means great Instagram marketing can be very affordable, it has left marketers struggling to understand their audiences, as well as what sort of content performs most effectively. Fortunately, the team at Schedugram has just…

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  • Humans Really Have to Get Better at Social Media

    … mind, discuss controversial incidents, or reveal our beliefs. I don’t want my children to live in a world like this. Thanks to Jon Ronson for sharing this important book. Disclosure: I’m utilizing my Amazon affiliate link in this post. Download a Sponsored Marketing Whitepaper: 3 Steps to Building Better Short-Form Video Content A strategy…

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  • The How and Why Guide To Using Instagram Stories

    … Okay, so it has been over a year now since Instagram first introduced Instagram Stories. Although many of us are avid users of the feature, a lot of businesses are failing to utilize this tool. But no fear, we have built this simple guide so businesses can fully understand the do’s and don’ts of Instagram stories and how to make them work for you…

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  • How Advocates Drive More Instagram Activity than Influencers

    … By 2019, spending on Instagram Influencers is expected to reach $2.3 billion Tweet This! That’s an incredible amount, but points directly to the power of a visual program that’s widely adopted in influencing purchase decisions. In fact, a whopping 72% of Instagram users report to making a purchase decision based on images shared on the platform…

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  • Social’s Media’s Road to Longevity under GDPR

    …, Snapchat’s parent company IPO-ing earlier this year. However, from a legislation perspective, the future of social and audience outreach will hinge on clear consent as we see the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May next year. Social media will be thrust into the world of opt-in marketing and consumer communication might…

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