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    • Summer Launch Webinar Recap: Your Intelligent Content Questions Answered

      Last week, we gave you a peek inside the Movable Ink Platform and showed our updates that make it easier than ever to activate your data. We had a ton of great questions during our Q&A portion of the webinar, so we wanted to take the time to answer some of our most commonly asked questions about intelligent content in email. You can check out the full webinar recording here.

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  • Intelligent Content in Email: How to Activate Your Data and Boost Results

    … Intelligent Content. What is Intelligent Content? It is personalized content generated in real-time using any data you have and whatever business logic you need to create the perfect content. Watching our presentation to see a demo of Intelligent Content and how HotelTonight and Lenovo are using it to leverage own data and get incredible results. …

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  • [Webinar] Intelligent Content in Email: How to Activate Your Data and Boost Results

    … customers actually want? Join us on Tuesday, 6/20 at 1pm ET for our upcoming webinar, Intelligent Content in Email. We’ll show you how to activate your data and use it to create 1:1 email content that wows your customers and crushes your KPIs. You’ll get an exclusive look at Movable Ink’s Intelligent Content Platform and learn how leading brands are using it to create amazing customer experiences. Can’t make the live event? Register anyway, and we’ll send you the recording. Save your spot now! …

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  • How Delta Lifted Click-Through Rates by 132%

    … Ever had a great idea for an email campaign, but you weren’t sure if you had the time and resources to execute it? That’s where intelligent content really shines. With intelligent content, you can deploy complex email campaigns using any content, any data and any business logic. That’s how Delta overcame several hurdles that stood in their way…

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  • Why Automation Is the Future of Content Creation

    … Editor’s note: We bring back Ann Rockley’s article on machined content that we shared last year. It originally appeared in the June 2015 Chief Content Officer. Want to hear the handcrafted-content side? Read Jay Acunzo’s original side of the debate. What’s the future of content creation? The future of content creation lies with intelligent…

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  • Is Your Content Ready for the Mobile Takeover?

    …. Mobile — our umbrella term for today’s portable computing devices and the plugged-in-yet-untethered lifestyle they have engendered — has taken over. What’s a content professional to do? Greg Verdino, managing partner at the content consultancy VERDINO & CO, has ideas for us. This article covers key points from Greg’s Intelligent Content…

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  • Data as Personalization: How to Turn Kryptonite Into Treasure

    … the word “personalization” when you talk big data. Big data affords you the opportunity to customize content for your target audiences (far beyond “Dear Jane”). It enables you to deliver the most relevant content to your audience members the way they want it, when they want it. That’s personalization. Now, put on your mining helmet. We’re going…

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  • Getting Started With Structured Content

    … Discoverable, adaptive, and reusable, oh my! Learn how to make your digital content super flexible and findable using a concept called “structured content.” You publish hundreds of content assets a year – everything from e-books and videos to blog posts and snackable social content. You “atomize” content, reusing and repurposing narrative…

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  • Adaptive Content: The Way to Your Customer’s Heart

    Editor’s note: You may have missed this article when CMI published it on another blog last year. We’re sharing it now because adaptive content holds more promise than ever for marketers who want to scale their efforts. Hey, there. I know you. I understand where you are. I get what you’re going through. I just might have what you need right now.

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  • 6 Content Ideas Every Marketer Should Steal From IBM

    … of personalized experience. In exchange, he’s willing to share a whole bunch of information about himself. All companies face the reality of high expectations for personalized content. If you’re among those who are moving toward an intelligent content approach, you have the best chance of meeting those expectations – and of reaping the reward: customers…

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  • Content Reuse: Behind the Scenes With CMI

    … While I am far from an expert in intelligent content, many things about its concepts make sense to me, and I was looking for a project where I could apply its principles. Enter our content marketing examples, which was something we used to collect in a very ad hoc way. Now we are much more systematic with how we collect and reuse our examples…

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  • Content Strategy for Marketers: Insights From Kristina Halvorson

    …, but the subject came up more than once. Many of the strategists in attendance said that their companies and clients ask them to help with content marketing. RECOMMENDED FOR YOU: 3 Worlds Unite: Content Marketing, Content Strategy, and Intelligent Content Shown here addressing the Content Strategy Meetup in Portland, Kristina Halvorson is the CEO…

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