Intent Data

  • Tracking Intent Data Across Channels For B2B Marketers

    … is ready to pull the trigger on the sale. Pinpointing Key Moments The data that can help marketers pinpoint those key moments during the consideration process can be found in customer interactions, both in their personal and professional spheres. The trouble is, those interactions occur across a variety of channels and devices, so it can be difficult…

    Marketing Land- 9 readers -
  • Understanding Live Intent Data: Lifting The Veil Over Marketers’ Eyes

    In last month's column, "Real Time" In Display Advertising Doesn't Really Mean Real Time, we discussed how despite the industry talking about doing "real-time marketing" or "real-time bidding" (RTB); in most cases, they are not actually using real-time techniques to run their campaigns. The media itself might be traded in live auctions, but the data being used are typically not live.

    Dax Hamman/ Marketing Land- 25 readers -
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