• Out-of-Home: An Opportunity for Social Media Marketers

    … that social can take inside OOH campaigns on the future: Social data to inform location based targeting Mobile social datasets are enabling audience buying and targeting. The details of these audiences, from both an interest and psychographic standpoint, can be very useful in helping inform content strategies, ensuring that the right message…

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  • Why Social Media Is the Perfect PR Channel

    … I’ve worked in digital since the dark days when we still called it “interactive.” Things were simpler. There was no Facebook or LinkedIn. An integrated campaign (which was a new term) meant one that included search-engine marketing, e-mails and banner ads. These resources were mostly given as added value on a print buy or an occasional…

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  • Creating the optimal website experience for all visitors

    …Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau’s website provides visitors with a visual experience that showcases the allure of Fort Lauderdale highlighting dining, sports, nature, shopping, gaming, arts and entertainment, meeting venues and much more! Starmark’s challenge was to create a fully-responsive website design for desktop, mobile and tablet viewing while reflecting the... View Article…

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  • Create a VIP program that differentiates Copa Airlines

    …Starmark and our client Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport recently created a 2-month promotion designed to drive Copa Airlines bookings from FLL to cities throughout Latin America. With no special rate driven packages to promote, Starmark positioned Copa Airlines as an airline that treats all passengers as VIP’s – every day. Copa…

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  • Online Creative Suffering from Banner Blindness and Display-Ad Fatigue?

    …In the world of traditional advertising (i.e. television and radio), reach and frequency are benchmark measurements that gauge not only the effectiveness of a campaign but also determine when an ad reaches the point of saturation. Advertisers have asked if there are similar benchmarks in the digital space that can forecast market saturation, which…

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  • The #1 Way to Improve Facebook Ads— Split Testing

    …Are your Facebook ads successful? If you’re among the millions of businesses advertising on Facebook, then you’ve most likely questioned whether or not your ads are performing effectively. Is your image scroll-stopping? Is your copy captivating? Is your audience engaging? If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, Facebook now has the solution…

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  • Does Google Adsense make sense for your blog or website

    …Are you getting enough online traffic to your website or blog to benefit from placing ads on your content pages? Well that’s a good question. Experts say that if you’re getting more than 100 unique visitors a day, you should think about doing it. Using Google AdSense is fast and requires minimal knowledge to set... View Article…

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  • Virtual Reality Coming Soon for Marketers

    …For decades, we’ve been drawn to the allure of virtual reality (VR) through movies and gaming but will it ever become something a marketer can take advantage of? As time goes on, VR headsets are becoming smaller and more light weight and with that, applications are evolving from the standard gaming platforms to practical business... View Article…

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  • Create an immersive digital experience that brings a destination to life in new and exciting ways

    …Starmark has developed a Digital Vacation Magazine for the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau (GFLCVB). Loaded with rich multimedia content and vibrant imagery, the Digital Magazine offers an interactive experience beyond traditional printed flipbooks. The magazine is built from the ground up for a touch-screen, multi-sensory experience. It gives readers an immersive experience,... View Article…

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