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    • Interactive Content Basics Every Content Marketer Needs

      The Ultimate Interactive Content Beginner’s Guide Tired of investing in expensive top quality content that merely yields lackluster marketing results? Like many marketers you’re probably wondering whether you picked the wrong content creator or amplified and promoted the content enough. That may be true.

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  • 7 Interactive Content Tools to Delight Your Audience

    … web survey Your audience is reading your content on a device that is capable of wonders. Whether they’re using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, it can do much more than display text. What’s more, they’re connected to the internet, with limitless potential for communication and conversation. In this context, interactive content makes a whole…

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  • 7 Reasons Why Lead Forms are Dead

    … information, it’s as if it goes into a black hole… until a sales rep calls them up, of course. After consumers submit their contact information, the hope is that someone from the company will reach back out with the information and resources they’re looking for. Now, if I’ve learned anything as a frequent online shopper, the true purpose of these…

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  • How Digital Lead Capture Is Evolving

    … consumers a reason to give that business their information. Here’s how digital lead capture is evolving: Lead Gen Forms are Becoming “Interactive” and “Engaging” Static lead forms are just that: they’re static. They’re not appealing; and frankly, they’re kinda boring. If it looks boring (or worse, doesn’t look legitimate), the likelihood…

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  • Are Lead Forms Dead?

    … not as a pushy salesman, but as a trusted advisor and good conversationalist. That’s what interactive content can deliver. Does interactive really work? Consider these outcomes: 94% more conversions. (Source: Demand Metric) 300% higher consumer interactivity. (Source: Hubspot) 60% higher retention of information. (Source: Kuno Creative) 500% more…

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  • You Need to be Creating Interactive Content – Here’s Why

    … A recent study from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and ion interactive with 341 content marketers showed some dramatic results on a brand’s success and confidence with interactive content: Two in three (66%) agree that audience engagement has increased since they started using interactive content tactics Four in five (79%) content…

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  • Using Interactive Media to Boost your B2C Promotions

    … of purchasing online has made the number of in-store patrons drop. One of the ways businesses are trying to remedy this is by running promotions — for coupons, new inventory, big discounts, etc. Again though, those same competitors we discussed are running promotions that are just as enticing…. if not more enticing than yours. Nowadays, the promotions…

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  • New Study Suggests Top B2B Marketing Strategies for 2016

    … The new year is finally here, which means marketers are settling down to evaluate the effectiveness of their efforts in 2015. By examining metrics as well as dusting off the 2015 Q1 marketing plan to see just how far they’ve grown beyond their initial planning, marketers undoubtedly will have many takeaways. But beyond understanding a brand’s…

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  • 3 Questions to Ask Before Developing Interactive Content Ideas

    … complete control over their experience. By installing a meal builder, nutrition calculator or day planner, consumers are reassured that they can do what they please when they enter the establishment. Generally, when consumers are comfortable and in-control they’ll be more inclined to pay your store a visit. Another idea for increasing foot traffic…

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  • 4 Types of Evergreen Content Your Brand Needs to Thrive

    … to elevate your brand. Learn More 3. Interactive Content Perhaps the most valuable and high returning form of evergreen content is interactive content. While it comes in a variety of forms, interactive content is essentially any form of content marketing that engages the end user beyond simply reading. Examples of interactive content include videos…

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  • The 5 Keys to Better Interactive Content

    … The first interactive piece of content I worked on was a physics animation series for Paul Hewitt’s Conceptual Physics program back in 2005. It was my first job out of college, and I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I was supposed to be a project manager, keeping everyone on track with deadlines, review rounds, and phone calls. Instead…

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  • 3 Ways Interactive Content Can Help Brick and Mortar Stores

    … Published 1 min ago 29 When most marketers think of interactive content, they think of it as being primarily on digital platforms — and they’re right. However, there’s often a misconception that interactive content is only used for (or should only be used by) ecommerce websites and other online entities. While most types of interactive…

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  • 3 Things Your 2016 Content Strategy Needs

    … lifestyle. Now, consumers are demanding this personalized experience online, too. But delivering personalized content isn’t as easy as hiring a sales rep. However, there are numerous personalization trends helping marketers do just that. Your challenge for the remainder of 2015 is to fully understand them and determine which will make the biggest…

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  • How Interactive Content Can Work for Your Brand

    … valuable planning resources. Many restaurants nowadays (most notably, fast food restaurants like McDonald’s and Chipotle), have meal planners and calculators that allow patrons to customize their meals based on nutritional content. Meal planners and calculators open up new and interesting options to health-conscious diners which, in turn, keeps…

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  • Using Interactive Content to Stand Out

    While Mark Schaefer’s idea of “content shock” has been discredited, marketers still need to do all we can to stand out in the overwhelming crowd of marketing efforts. AT SXSW Interactive 2014, Schaefer’s advice to overcoming saturation was to adopt the newest technology and strategies since those who do are often the ones who come out on top.

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  • Promoting Interactive Content: Getting Ahead of the Content Marketing Pack

    …. They were designed from templates. They were quizzes. The writing is on the wall: interactive content is the future of content marketing. But let’s back up a step. We’re drowning in content. Absolutely drowning in it. 93 percent of businesses are doing content marketing, and 99 percent of software companies (and what seems like 150 percent of our…

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