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  • Seven ways to avoid content cannibalization

    … within the hierarchy of your pages. If you use the latter, you can launch a simple site audit, which will automatically check your domain for duplicate links and tags, and even provide some suggestions for improvement. 2) Anchor text inconsistency Cause: Overuse of keywords with anchors that refer to the wrong page, which creates spam within your own…

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  • How The Telegraph’s SEO strategy led to a Brexit traffic boost

    …. This delivered a massive boost for newspaper sites in general, but especially The Telegraph and Guardian. The Telegraph’s growth was bigger (up 20% month to month) than the rest, and I’m betting this was down (at least in part) to some smart SEO work from The Telegraph’s team. Here’s the growth figures: UK unique users, June vs May: Telegraph up 20% MOM…

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  • Why your content and SEO strategy need to be joined up

    … it doesn’t use the content it creates to help with search visibility. It has created some useful content around festivals, but isn’t linking to its product or category pages to help them perform more effectively for these searches. All Millets needs to do is to link consistently from the content to the landing pages to help them rank more effectively…

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  • Five things to remember for a smooth, catastrophe-free site migration

    … spending millions on a new site if no one’s going to see it. I recently analysed the impact of what happens when site migrations don’t go to plan. Just take a look at this major high street bank – it’s not hard to imagine how much this downtime cost them; both financially and in terms of their SEO legacy. What were they thinking? This company…

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  • Is an internal linking strategy paying off for Mail Online?

    … Combining hub pages for key topics with well-planned internal linking can be a very effective strategy to secure consistent search rankings for target keywords. It’s become an essential tactic for publishers and others, especially when you are regularlycreating content around a particular topic. The risk of producing a lot of content around…

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  • Nine SEO techniques that take less than 15 minutes

    …. Verify your Google My Business page, make sure your details are up to date Kevin Gibbons wrote some good suggestions for us when it comes to optimising your page for local search: Claim your listing, as often many people don’t. Ensure your details are up-to-date (previously you might not have accepted credit cards). Double check your opening…

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  • EU referendum / brexit betting: who’s winning in organic search?

    …. In fact, it has now exceeded that mark, with more than £43 million in bets matched on the exchange. There’s also plenty of betting on the financial markets too, but we’ll stick to the bookmakers for this article. While the polls predict a close outcome, the bookies are more certain that a brexit vote is unlikely. Odds of 4.1 for a leave vote seem…

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  • Are related sitewide footer links the key to dominating Google?

    … of search positions. In this case, the rich are major publishing groups. The way they are getting richer is by cross-linking to existing and new websites, from footers and body copy, which are “constantly changing”. There’s nothing hideously wrong with this approach, but it’s a bit of risk to tweak the links quite so often. Especially when…

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  • Does Google look at anchor text in internal links?

    … Internal linking is a key SEO tactic, one which allows websites to send clear signals to Google on the relative importance of various pages. It also works from a user experience perspective, helping visitors find pages that are relevant or potentially useful to them. It’s something I place great importance on as an editor, as it’s one part…

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  • How much do journalists and editors need to know about SEO?

    How much SEO knowledge does a journalist need? Is it a key part of the job in the modern world, or should they just concentrate on writing? From my perspective, looking after the ClickZ and Search Engine Watch sites, it plays a big role in what we do. Especially this site – if we’re going to write about SEO, we should know what we’re talking about.

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